Galaxy Domination Galaxy Domination Fly from one planet to the next and try not to hit the moons, mines, and space rocks caught in orbit around the planets. Do not hang about on any o... 4.1 Shoot Them All Shoot Them All Try to shoot the stars with your bullet as they hover from side to side. Make sure you dont miss, or youll have to start over again. How many con... 4.1 Smove Paradise Smove Paradise Move across the island and collect the diamonds while dodging the red balls. Can you collect all the items you need to clear each level! The furthe... 4.1 Sparkanoid Sparkanoid Play Arkanoid in space with this fun and colourful game. Use the paddle to bounce the ball back up and break all the bricks. Try to catch the bonus... 4.3 Fruit Break Fruit Break Slice all the fruit in two pieces as it flies through the level. Make sure you only attack the fruit. Avoid hitting any of the bombs or they will e... 4.2 Hover Jump Hover Jump Can you jump over all of the obstacles with your hover board? Make sure you dodge all the spikes and the pools of lava. Grab the coins to unlock co... 4.1 Match Dash Match Dash Can you hit the rotating shapes at the right moment? The shapes will spin around the disk. When they cover the silhouettes perfectly, you have to c... 4.1 Block Buster 2 Block Buster 2 In this fun arkanoid game you have to break all the blocks. Use the paddle to bounce the ball against the blocks at the top of the screen. The ball... 4.1 Pyramid Maze Pyramid Maze The explorer and his daughter have found a temple to explore. Can you make your way through and collect all the gems. You can only go through the e... 4.3 Knight Tower Knight Tower Try to climb up the tower with the knight. Jump from left to right to get to the right platforms. Dont miss, or you will fall down. You also mustn... 4 Monkey Go Happy Ninja Monkey Go Happy Ninja Help the monkey explore the ninja village. Can you find all the items you need to help the people you will meet there, from ninjas to villagers, ge... 3.8 Duck and Eggs Duck and Eggs The duck is running from side to side while laying eggs. Can you catch all the eggs in your basket before they drop onto the floor and break? Try n... 4 Eieren Verzamelen Eieren Verzamelen Run across the road with the Easter bunny. Make sure you dont get hit by any cars or space alien UFOs. Can you pick up the Easter eggs and match t... 1 Sushi Slicer Sushi Slicer Chop the fish and other items in half in Sushi Slicer. The food is flying through the level. Every time a piece of fish, bottle of sake, takoyaki b... 1 Save The Pig Save The Pig Your best friend pig has been kidnapped. So what are you gonna do? Join a great adventure and pass levels to save your pig. In this action game, ma... 4

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Guitar Hero 3

Guitar Hero 3

4.1 500


Play Guitar Hero even when you're away from your console. Can you master all 3 levels?


Use the numbers 1 to 5 and hit enter at the same time.

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officialkglowenicolay +0 playing guitar hero is my bet
meagane +0 i am meagane goad
meagane +0 this is fun to me
SlimShady +1 shit
pony9999 +0 how come it doesn't load