Circle Run Circle Run 5 Sieger 2: Age of Gunpowder Sieger 2: Age of Gunpowder Cause maximum destruction with your bombs! Blow away key parts of your enemys castles and bring everything down, killing all the enemy soldiers. I... Leave me Alone Leave me Alone Kick and punch the monsters coming down the path. Hit them at the right moment. Make sure they dont get you. The speed of the game will gradually ... 5.1 ZigZag ZigZag Roll the little ball across the platform and make sure it doesnt fall off. Everytime you click or tap, the ball changes direction. Can you collect... 4.5 Highway Zombies Highway Zombies Race along the highway and try to kill some zombies with your car. Not too many though, or your car will break down and you will take ages to reach... 5.1 Parking Passion Parking Passion Are you ready to show all your driving and parking skills to us? In this amazing Parking Passion game, you have only one job to be succesful; drive... 5.5 Cloud Wars Sunny Day Cloud Wars Sunny Day Clouds are at war again! To conquer and reclaim your throne as the Cloud King, you will give your everything! Start with sending out your brave tro... 5.1 Smokin Barrels 2 Smokin Barrels 2 Are you brave enough to handle the wild west life? Your goal in this amazing game is to win all the duels. Move the cross-hair into the safe area t... 5.5 Super Santa Rush Super Santa Rush Santa is out delivering presents. Because it is Christmas time! In this game youll help Santa Claus by guiding him and his reindeers over de rooft... 1 Spring Ninja 2 Spring Ninja 2 In Spring Ninja 2 you must make ninja jumps and take out enemies with your ninja shurikens. Perform ninja jumps and collect all hidden scrolls to a... 5.1 Properly Broccoli Properly Broccoli Eat broccoli and not your farts?! That is strange, your farts are way more delicious than broccoli right? This is the weirdest game you will play t... 5.1 Golden Duel Golden Duel Defeat all dangerous bandits in the shootout of the Wild West! Fill your gun with bullets, dodge all those of your enemy and shoot them down with e... 5.3 Demolition Inc. Demolition Inc. Blow up buildings in Demolition Inc. Place dynamite in strategic locations and detonate it. Make sure no one gets hurt. 1 Seaside Vacation Dress Up Seaside Vacation Dress Up Today is the last day of summer holiday! Tomorrow Denize has to go back to school. She wants you to dress her up with nice summer clothing. Try out... 5.9 Jungle Menace Jungle Menace Meteorites keep falling from the sky and the poor animals have to hide. Protect them by giving them shelter. Use your mouse to move items and click... 1

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Guitar Hero 3

Guitar Hero 3

5.5 498


Play Guitar Hero even when you're away from your console. Can you master all 3 levels?


Use the numbers 1 to 5 and hit enter at the same time.

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officialkglowenicolay +0 playing guitar hero is my bet
meagane +0 i am meagane goad
meagane +0 this is fun to me
SlimShady +1 shit
pony9999 +0 how come it doesn't load