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Run 2 Run

Run 2 Run

4.4 77.209


Do the moonwalk, ehrm, space walk!


Arrows = Run
Space = Jump

Avoid falling down the holes in the corridor. Run up against walls if you have nowhere else to go.

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LaDodger +0 This game is well easy! :)
ikhlas1234 +0 the game ends at level 50
momo1289 +0 brianna MAKE SENSE DUMBO
momo1289 +0 i love this i went up to level 1oo
yolo2232 +0 but u can easyl get addicted
yolo2232 +0 this game is boarng after a few games of it
Brianna9 +0 omg it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring and fun at the same time lol xoxo
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shanapilo +0 cool!cool! tros malade
shanapilo +0 cool malade
Maisha +0 hi great game on lvl 4
THEFOG +0 lets fog man
THEFOG +1 lets fog
THEFOG +1 oooohhhh yeeeaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeehhhhaahhahahahah i love your *****
Yousuck2240 +1 bitch shut the **** you already!
Yousuck2240 +1 Bstfu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beautyikra +0 Alright game
yolo2232 +0 wots ur name on msp
brea +1 love this game
AbigailRocks +0 i play msp