Delicious Emily's Hopes and Fears Delicious Emily's Hopes and Fears Emily and her husband Patrick are trying a new venture. A picnic stand. Emilys mother and her friend François are helping. Can you serve all your c... 4.2 Frenzy Pizza Frenzy Pizza It is saturday night and you are working in a pizzaria. Its very busy today! Bring customers to their tables, take orders and serve orders. 4.1 Papa's Pastaria Papa's Pastaria Today you will work in Papas Pastaria. You must take orders, cook delicious pasta, add the correct sauces and serve as fast as possible. Make papp... 4.6 Crazy Dentist Office Crazy Dentist Office This girl is really affraid of going to the dentist. She hasnt been there in years, and it shows! Now her problem is even bigger.. because now you... 3.8 Samira Sew Shop Samira Sew Shop Welcome to Samiras sew shop! The place to repair your old and weathered clothes. This young lady is ready to make your clothes look like brand new... 4.1 Resort Empire Resort Empire Think big and build your own resort in this fun sim game. Give your visitors the treatment they deserve in a caring environment. Keep the park fina... 4.5 Tinysasters Tinysasters This tiny world is constantly disturbed by natural disasters. You must help the people get the situation under control. In order to control the... 4 Zombies Inc Zombies Inc You are the CEO of a company that makes zombies, and your mission statement is to conquer the world. Conquer 13 territories while unlocking and upg... 4.1 Real Estate Fun Real Estate Fun Get started in the real estate business! Buy an empty lot, build your home, upgrade and sell it for saving money. Find the most profitable way to s... 3.9 Beach Party Craze Beach Party Craze Click on the seats to bring guests to the beach. Serve them well and use stars to buy upgrades. Complete all tasks to continue. 4.2 Latin Heat Latin Heat Serve drinks in this nightclub. Each customer asks for four drinks, you have to serve them fast and make alot of money. 1 Camper Camper Start your own campsite during a hot and busy summerseason. 4.2 The Master of Packaging The Master of Packaging Show the world your packaging skills. 1 Super Ant Super Ant Serve the right items to your customers. 1 Burger Shop Burger Shop After receiving some strange blueprints through the mail, you build an extraordinary food-making contraption and open a restaurant. Make food and s... 4.2

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Shopping Street

Shopping Street

4.7 48.743


Build the best shopping center and earn enough money to continue.


Play this game with your mouse.

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