screenshot walkthroughBackgammonia Walkthrough


With Backgammonia you can play Backgammon against the computer or with an online opponent. Try to move all of your pawns to the home board while your opponent makes their way across the board in the opposite direction. If your opponent leaves any of their pawns sitting alone on one of the points you can try to knock that pawn off the board. Since opponents cannot share a position on the board, you can also try to occupy key areas to make it harder for your opponent to pass. Once you've succeeded in moving all of your pawns to the home board you can start moving them into the home tray to complete the game. Toss the two dice to determine the number of steps you get to take. You can divide the two outcomes between two of your pawns, or choose one pawn to move both sets of steps. If you toss a double, you get to double the number of steps. Though luck plays a part, strategy and skill are also important to winning this game.

Use your mouse to play