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Board games

Board games are games played on a board using items like chess pieces, stones, or pawns. We've got a selection of great boardgames lined up for you. Board games are a traditional way to have fun with the whole family, and are popular with players of all ages!
Roll the dice and be the first to traverse the entire board with your pawns in classic board games like Monopoly and the various versions of The Game of the Goose. Skill games like Chess and Checkers are also included in our board games overview. Can you play against the computer and defeat your opponent by moving your pieces across the board strategically to trap the opposing pieces? Other fun board game puzzles include games like Quatro, in which you have to draw lines to connect the dots and collect more squares than your opponent. In Domino games you have to play your domino stones by linking them up in a long chain. Can you discover the location of your opponent's ships in Battleship and sink them before your own ships are discovered and blown up?
Here you will find the best boardgames to play alone or with your friends. We've searched the internet for the best online board games and collected them all in this overview for you to play for free! The best thing about online board games is that you can play whenever you like and for as long as you like. If nobody else feels like playing, that's not a problem: just play against the computer. You won't ever have to deal with sore losers, and you don't even have to clear up afterwards! Have fun with our many online board games! Try them all and find your new favourite!