Fat Slice 2 Fat Slice 2 Try to slice the coloured block. There are one or more little white balls travelling through the block. Can you cut bits off the block without spli... 4.4 Pilot Training Pilot Training Fly around in your aeroplane and try to collect all the stars along the way. You will also have to swerve left and right with your plane to avoid h... 4.5 Zero 1 Zero 1 Can you play this circular game of pong and keep the little white ball in the circle? Try to grab all the pips while you play. You can use the pips... 3.9 Porcupine Pop Porcupine Pop These little porcupines are on a private mission! They need to pop all the baloons in USA state by state. You can control them and try to pop ballo... 4.5 Minericos Minericos In this fireboy & watergirl game you must lead the mine workers out of the mines. They can only escape if they help each other. You control both ch... 4.5 Rat Maze Rat Maze You play as a very smart rat thats trapped inside a maze full of obstacles, traps and other dangers. Collect all the food you find along your way ... 4.5 Fishy Rush Fishy Rush Collect many coins in Fishy Rush while avoiding all dangers of the sea. Watch out for evil sharks, electrifying fish and spiky blow up fish. You ca... 4.5 Supermarket Slacking Supermarket Slacking Since Sarahs last few jobs have not been for her, shes decided to keep life simple and work in a supermarket. If Sarahs supervisor comes to chec... 4.5 Pirates Arctic Treasure Pirates Arctic Treasure Cut the chains with your big sword, break the ice cubes and help the pirates get the treasures of the arctic! No ice cube is too to much for the pi... 4.5 Stackerix Stackerix Build a tower of blocks in this fun stacking game. Blocks of the same colour must not touch each other. Make sure your tower stands for 3 seconds. ... 1 Robo Snake Robo Snake The snake has robotized itself to achieve more speed, but can you handle it? The objective is to obtain the random placed bytes inside each level, ... 4 Light Up Light Up In this game you have to get 2 light bulbs together. Do this by removing the ones you dont need. 4.5 Extreme Pearler Extreme Pearler In this game you have to delete the bubbles as soon as possible, or else the evil fish will eat you! 1 Poohs Hunnyful Dream Poohs Hunnyful Dream Pooh is dreaming at night, about the sweet honey smell that passes by. In his dream he flys into space, all the way through the Milkyway towards t... 1 Feeding Frenzy Feeding Frenzy Place yourself in the skin of a wierd boy that lives at the bottom of the ocean and feeds himself on little fish. Eat them and grow bigger. 1

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Big Fish Eat Small

Big Fish Eat Small

4.5 216


Eat the small fish and grow bigger. There's always a bigger fish!


Play this game with your mouse.

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