Yeti Sensation Yeti Sensation Run down the path with the Yeti and make sure you avoid all the obstacles and the traps the Yeti hunters and the media have set for you. Can you co... 4.6 Bullet Phaze Bullet Phaze Travel through the different levels with the pixel and try to rescue your friends. Change colours to avoid deadly obstacles and bullets. Can you co... 4.6 Earth Taken 3 Earth Taken 3 The earth has been taken over by space aliens! Can you escape from the space alien cloning base and rescue some other survivors. Make it to the hum... 4.8 Santa Run 3 Santa Run 3 Run and jump with Santa to make it to the sled-stop (a bus stop for sleds) at the end of each level. Stomp on the blocks and also on the reindeer i... 4.7 Delicious Emily's Holiday Season Delicious Emily's Holiday Season Help Emily serve customers at the winter fair. Can you also help the boy build some snowmen in between your chores at the market? Bring the custome... 4.7 Baby School Uniform Design Baby School Uniform Design Can you sew a new outfit for baby? First, take babys measurements to make sure the outfit will fit. Then choose a pretty fabric to use. Can you pi... 4.6 A Stroll In Space A Stroll In Space Oh no! An evil space monster is coming to attack your space ship! You need to escape! Make it to the escape capsule with a little help of your ship... 4.6 Pheus Mor Pheus Mor In this awesome puzzle game, youll control the dog and the boy. Solve puzzles of each level and try to reach exit doors. You have to make them arr... 4.6 Vex 3 Vex 3 Vex is a challenging (and bloody) platform game. You must be quick and skillful to reach the next level. You control a small man in a world full of... 4.7 Escape From Tower Escape From Tower Escape from the tower. Observe everything around you, look for clues and solve puzzles. 4.4 Hipstercalypse Hipstercalypse YOLO! Travel in time with your Windows95 pc and stop the Hipstercalypse in this funny adventure game. Update your pc to and from the future. Discov... 4.4 Submachine 9: The Temple Submachine 9: The Temple Continue with the amazing story of Submachine games. A point and click adventure game. Collect all the items you find and use them to find the subm... 4.4 Above Average Guy Above Average Guy This boy is stealing the show. Perform awesome stunts and keep the public happy. Read the hints carefully. Some levels looks are easier than they l... 1 Lost Astronaut Lost Astronaut This astronaut is lost in space and must find his way again. Discover strange worlds and ways to escape! 4.6 Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled 3 In Bejeweled 3 you will discover new ways to play Bejeweld. Swap jewels to match 3 of a kind. Fill the row at the bottom of the game to proceed to ... 6.7

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Fireboy And Watergirl: The Light Temple

Fireboy And Watergirl: The Light Temple

4.8 3.421


Sequel to Fireboy & Watergirl: The Forest Temple. In this platform adventure you need to use teamwork to get both Fireboy and Watergirl to the exit point.


Play this game with your keyboard.

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rissa3465 +0 best game ever and i could play it with out another person
Clay7575 +0 a bit c##p
Ahnaf7 +0 ooooooooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heropanti +0 hi guys i want to be some ones friend how can i be
heropanti +0 i love dis game a alot and ply it with my couisin
rissa3465 +0 I LOVE THIS GAME
kitty5678 +1 I love this game
kitty5678 +0 I play this all the times with my couisin
kitty1234 +0 i love this game
hollymia +1 I love this game, I play this with my friend Freddie
Linda32 +0 hi guys!
breezyterica +0 i love all the fire and water temples specailly this one!!!
kennybear +0 i love this games
kjcool +0 this game is epic . i want to marry this game . this is so cool
lina.elsanadel +1 this games got swagga
ImEbot3000P +0 *think
ImEbot3000P +0 um i tink it is a good logical if you think it is bad it is becuse you are not smart anogh to play it. so really it is not noobish it is logical get over it. LOSERS
HybirdTheory +0 Nonononononononononoboycares