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Plane Games

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Take to the skies with our collection of aeroplane games. Up, up, and away! Whether you’re into flight simulators, shooting your enemies in an exciting air battle, or trying to make a safe landing in difficult circumstances, you’ll find just the games for you on this overview page and our related plane games pages. We’ve got games in which you can build and test your own flying machines, manage your own airport, or become a fighter pilot or air traffic controller. Have a look around and choose the plane games of your liking.

Plane Games: Airport Management

There’s a lot that goes into managing an airport and air traffic control. Make sure all the planes can take off and land safely. Direct big and small planes to the right airstrips, taxi your passengers to the right terminals, and make sure there are no accidents on the runway – even as your airport keeps expanding and getting more crowded… For our full collection, you can check out our airport manager games subcategory page.

Plane Games: Wartime Air Battles

Fight your enemies as a WW1 fighter ace and carry out incredible aerial maneuvers in your biplanes and triplanes. You might even get to duel the famous Red Baron! Fly a WW2 era scout plane or dive bomber, or pilot a supersonic jet-powered warplane from the modern era. For lots of more air fighting and bullet-dodging action in the skies, be sure to check out our full overview of fly and dodge games as well.

Other Flying Machines

If you’ve ever wanted to be like the Wright Brothers and invent your own aircraft, why not give it a try. We’ve got games in which you can build and customize your own airplanes, or build and test birdwing-inspired flying machines like those of the ‘Flying Man’ Otto Lilienthal. We also have games featuring air balloons, as well as a collection of helicopter games. So rest assured that your online aircraft adventures needn’t start and end with airplanes alone… Have fun playing!