Running And Jumping games


Running And Jumping

Looking for some distraction?

Running and jumping games

are one of the most popular genres of online games and our huge fancies of players love these cool games! There are lots of different

run and jump games

to try out, like Super Chick Sisters and Ninja Game! We've got a huge collection of

run and jump puzzle

games, so pick your favourites and start playing right away!
In these games you have to run across the platforms and jump from one safe platform to the next. In these games the challenge is to keep going at speed. You have to jump over various obstacles while you run. Look ahead and see what's coming to dodge all the dangerous blockades and enemies with some well-timed jumps as you run forward. Can you react quickly? Run the right way and make sure you don't overshoot or undershoot your jumps.
In some games you will be able to run back and forth through the levels, but in side-scrolling and continuous scrolling games there is only one right direction to run, and if you can't keep up with the pace of the level it won't end well for you! Keep

running and jumping

to get past all the deadly obstacles in these fun and exciting games! Have fun playing!