Knight of the Day Knight of the Day Travel through the forest with your knight. You will encounter many enemies along the way. Collect the magic potions in the match-3 game below to g... 4.3 Box Jump Up Box Jump Up The objective of this game is to jump as high as possible with the little yellow block. Jump from floor to floor with the little yellow block, but ... 4.2 Crazy Pizza Crazy Pizza For all you pizza lovers out there, this is the game for you. There are so many delicious pizza toppings like pepperoni and fungi or even hot chill... 4.2 Unlockit Unlockit In Unlockit you need to unlock this big lock by hitting the right spots at exactly the right time. But keep your eyes open because gold coins will ... 4.1 Endless Lake Endless Lake Run down the path through the endless lake. Can you jump over all the gaps in the path and collect the coins? How far will you be able to get? Make... 4.4 Sugar Pop Sugar Pop Pop the candy in this fun slot machine game. Drop new candy into the grid each turn. Try to pop combinations of three or more, complete the bonus p... 4.1 Crimson & Stache Crimson & Stache Run and jump to get through the levels that lie between you and the moonlit barbershop. Your bravery is great and your moustache is full. Will you ... 4.1 Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt Can you match the gems to collect them? You will have to collect a certain number of each type of gem, and you only have a limited number of moves,... 4.1 Pyramid Maze Pyramid Maze The explorer and his daughter have found a temple to explore. Can you make your way through and collect all the gems. You can only go through the e... 4.3 Crusader Truck Crusader Truck Race through the alien moon base. Can you hit all the aliens with your car or shoot them with your guns? Try to collect coins, hearts, and explosiv... 4.3 Zuma Maya Zuma Maya Shoot the coloured marbles at the marbles in the line. Match 3 to pop them. Can you destroy the entire line of marbles before they reach the end of... 4 Jewel Quest Jewel Quest Your misson in this great game is to try to make matches of 3 jewels in a row by swapping 2 adjacent relics. You pass the level when all of the til... 4.1 Christmas Sokoban Christmas Sokoban Christmas is near. Hurry up! Santa needs your help! Help Santa to push all the Christmas present to the tiles marked with an X to win. You can mo... 1 Juicy Dash Juicy Dash In Juicy Dash Bejeweled you must swap pieces of fruit. Match atleast 3 of a kind to remove them. Combinations of 4 or 5 pieces give you a bonus. Sw... 4.2 Mimou Escape 2 Mimou Escape 2 The cat is again locked inside the wachingmachine. Help him escape before he gets wet! Can you help him? 4.4
Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest

4.1 222


Make combinations of 3 or more icons.


Use your mouse to play this game.

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