Chin Up Shin Up Chin Up Shin Up This naughty cow is a cheeky little thief and he is running from the sheriff. Try to escape by climbing up this pole and grab as many coins on the ... 4.2 5Dice 5Dice Throw the 5Dice and pick the ones you want to keep. Put the rest if the dice back into the cup, shake, and throw again. Can you make great combinat... 10 Castle Castle Castle is a fun police game based on the TV series Castle, in which a crime writer helps a police department solve crimes. Can you start your own p... 4.3 Zombies Zombies Spin the five reels of this zombie themed slot machine game and win. Can you line up the blood-splattered weapons and severed body parts along any ... Delicious Emily's Taste of Fame Delicious Emily's Taste of Fame Emily is back for a new restaurant adventure. Can you help her successfully run a number of new restaurants? If she does well, Emily might even end... 4.1 Delicious Emily's Holiday Season Delicious Emily's Holiday Season Help Emily serve customers at the winter fair. Can you also help the boy build some snowmen in between your chores at the market? Bring the custome... 4.2 Delicious Emily's Wonder Wedding Delicious Emily's Wonder Wedding Emily is getting married. She wants to take care of the catering herself, but there are also a lot of other matters to attend to, such as her weddi... 4 Magic Portals Magic Portals Spin the reels in this magic-themed slot machine game. Collect the symbols of powerful magical creatures and try to get matching symbols on the two... 4.2 Tetrix Pirates Tale Tetrix Pirates Tale Help the pirates collect their tetrix gems by solving the tiles puzzle. Try to make an horizontal line of 10 blocks with no interruptions and it wi... 1 Concentricholic Concentricholic Concentricholic is a simple and fun puzzle game. It will get more challenging as you continue to play. You must drag and drop blocks of the same co... 4.2 Cubis Creatures Cubis Creatures In this fun 3D puzzle game you must try to place cubes of the same color in groups of 3 on 3. Think about your movements and beat all the levels! 1 Sunset Solitaire 2 Sunset Solitaire 2 Combine cards with the same value to clear the game. You can combine cards from the stack with those on the pyramid. Make multiple combinations to ... 4.2 Dr Demon Tetris Dr Demon Tetris In this Tetris (Dr. Mario) game you mus stack pills in the right order. You need the pills to exterminate the virus. Match the colors of the pills ... 4.1 Tape Hunter Tape Hunter In this smart platform game you have to reach the end safely by changing colors. The goal is to collect videos and to bring them to the projector.... 1 Momentum 2 Momentum 2 Keep your momentum in this interesting platform puzzle game. Use portals, move blocks and rotate the maze to find the exit. Make smart jumps and us... 1
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Make combinations of 3 or more icons.


Use your mouse to play this game.

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