Sprint GameSprint GameYour goal in this online sport game is to win each sprinting event. Make sure you don't run too fast because your sprinter might trip over his own fe...8TriathlonTriathlonTry to be fast enough to win this triathlon....7.6100 Meter Sprint100 Meter SprintTry to win the 100 meter sprint....8Shot Put Rio 2016Shot Put Rio 2016Spin around and throw the heavy ball as fast as you can in the Rio Olympic Games shot put event. Make sure your timing is perfect to cover the maximum amou6Summer Sports JavelinSummer Sports JavelinIn this Olympic Javelin throw game you get three attempts to throw your spear as far as you can. Take a run up and aim the javelin at the right height at t6Artistic Gymnastics Rio 2016Artistic Gymnastics Rio 2016Participate in the artistic gymnastics event at the Rio Olympics. Run acros the mat and do all kinds of stunts. Hit the spacebar at the right moment to vau4Swimming Rio 2016Swimming Rio 2016Win the Rio 2016 swimming race. Dive into the pool and press the arrows to swim through the water. Turn at the end of the pool and head back as quick as yo6Summer Sports BoxingSummer Sports BoxingPlay a challenging set of 3D boxing matches at the Olympic Games. Can you defeat all your opponents? When your opponent draws back their fist to punch you4Basketball Rio 2016Basketball Rio 2016Try to score 5 points at the basketball championship during the Olympic Games in Rio! Steal the ball from your opponents and pass it to your teammates at t6Summer Sports DivingSummer Sports DivingDive from the high diving board and try to do as many tricks and stunts as you can before you hit the water. Hit the arrow keys in the right sequences to e4

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How far can you run? Please don't hate us because our record is 2 meter.


QWOP to run.

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