Cycling BMX Rio 2016 Cycling BMX Rio 2016 Cycle across all the artificial hills on the mud track in this BMX race at the Rio Olympic Games. Become the champion of 2016 by overtaking all you... 4.3 Synchronized Swimming Rio 2016 Synchronized Swimming Rio 2016 To make your synchronized swimming team perform well at the Rio Olympic Games, you will have to hit the dot right in the middle each time. Can you ... 3.7 Sailing Rio 2016 Sailing Rio 2016 Sail between all the buoys in this Olympic sailing event at the Rio 2016 Games! Win gold during the sailing race by serving to the left and to the ... 4.3 Diving Rio 2016 Diving Rio 2016 Dive from the high board and perform all kind of stunts. Get the timing just right to receive as few score deduction as you can. Will you win gold ... 4.3 Fencing Rio 2016 Fencing Rio 2016 Win all the fencing matches at the Rio Olympic Games. Lunge forward and hit your opponent above or below their defence. Leap back when your opponen... 3.8 Beach Volleyball Rio 2016 Beach Volleyball Rio 2016 Serve the ball and catch the return. Pass the ball to your teammate and smash at the right moment and speed to defeat your opponents. Win the 2016 ... 4.3 Handball Rio 2016 Handball Rio 2016 Play handball at the Olympic Games. Run across the field and pass the ball to your teammates. Steal the ball from your opponents and throw it into ... 4.3 Relay Rio 2016 Relay Rio 2016 Run across the track and pass the baton to your teammates during the Rio Olympics relay race. Try to lose as little speed as you can during the tra... 4.2 Rythmic Gymnastics Rio 2016 Rythmic Gymnastics Rio 2016 You are a gymnast at the Rio Olympic Games. The rhythmic gymnastics event is all about grace and moving with the music. React quickly and hit the s... 3.9 Summer Sports Hurdles Summer Sports Hurdles Run a full round around the running track and clear all the hurdles. You will keep running even if you hit a hurdle, but you will lose points, slow... 4 Summer Sports Javelin Summer Sports Javelin In this Olympic Javelin throw game you get three attempts to throw your spear as far as you can. Take a run up and aim the javelin at the right hei... 4.2 Summer Sports Waterpolo Summer Sports Waterpolo Try to score as many goals as you can in this 3D waterpolo game. Throw the ball to your players and keep passing the ball until you can get a good ... 4.3 Summer Sports Boxing Summer Sports Boxing Play a challenging set of 3D boxing matches at the Olympic Games. Can you defeat all your opponents? When your opponent draws back their fist to pu... 3.9 Goalkeeper Premier Goalkeeper Premier Goalkeeper Premier is a beautifully made and realistic football game. You are the goalkeeper. The opponent is closing in on the goal. The defense ... 4.4 Football Champions 2015 Football Champions 2015 Its time to show your football talents on the green grass pitch. Messi, Ronaldo, Robben, Neymar or Ibrahimovic, choose your favorite player and st... 4.4

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How far can you run?

Please don't hate us because our record is 2 meter.


QWOP to run.

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spinjitzu79 +0 high score 12.5 boya
bacongirl6112 +0 watch smosh games take on this..its hilarious
cookie1234 +0 high score is 4meters
cookie1234 +0 sooooooooooooo hard but fun
Amelialouis +0 It is fun and good
Messifan2000 +0 32.4
Messifan2000 +0 6.4!
weslien +0 its be carefuly,its amazing
weslien +0 saai
ikepetro +0 over 50!
ikepetro +1 I ran 8.7......I have no idea how I did though...