The Champions 2016 The Champions 2016 Compete in the Euro 2016 soccer finals. Choose a team and name all your players. Can you intercept the ball and run past the oppositions defence to... 4.2 Goalunited Goalunited Do you have what it takes to manage a successful football team? In this great MMORPG game you are the manager of a team of talented football player... 4.3 Foot Chinko Foot Chinko Footchinko is a game that combines Pachinko (a Japanase casino game) with Football. The goal of this game is to get the ball into the goal. The tou... 4 ASKL ASKL Can you ride a unicycle and dont fall off? Demonstrate your balance in the sequel to QWOP, ASKL! A funny game in which you need to keep balance by... 3.9 Jumping Long Jumping Long Get gold in this Olympic game! Run as hard as you can and jump at the right moment. 4.3 Pole Vaulting Pole Vaulting In this pole vaulting game you have to jump as high as you can for the highest score. Choose a height, practice and improve your skills. Watch your... 3.9 Retour De France Retour De France Use doping to win the Tour de France. Play as Lance Armstrong and keep cycling untill you drop. Avoid the paparazzi and signs and reach the finish ... 4.3 Hurdle Races Hurdle Races Go for gold in this Olympic Hurdle Race game. Play for you country, run as hard as you can and jump at the right moment. Good luck athlete! 4.2 Dart Weel Dart Weel Throw some darts but be carefull not to hit the guy or you will hurt him! Try go gain lots of points. 3.9 Perfect Hoopz 2 Perfect Hoopz 2 In perfect hoopz 2 you have to trow bastketballs. Try to clear as much levels as you can! 4.1 Extreme Runner Extreme Runner In this game you test your extreme running skills on the 100 metre sprint or your jump skills on the high and low jump courses. Have fun! 3.9 Hurh Berl Hurh Berl The G8 are meeting in Canada in June. Most G8 countries have cancelled debt and increased effective aid to Africa. This has helped get 42 million m... 4 1 on 1 soccer 1 on 1 soccer Try to beat your opponent. 4.2 Baseball Championship Baseball Championship Play this baseball game with all the famous Disney figures. 4.3 Splash Around Splash Around Make the biggest splash possible. 1

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How far can you run?

Please don't hate us because our record is 2 meter.


QWOP to run.

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spinjitzu79 +0 high score 12.5 boya
bacongirl6112 +0 watch smosh games take on this..its hilarious
cookie1234 +0 high score is 4meters
cookie1234 +0 sooooooooooooo hard but fun
Amelialouis +0 It is fun and good
Messifan2000 +0 32.4
Messifan2000 +0 6.4!
weslien +0 its be carefuly,its amazing
weslien +0 saai
ikepetro +0 over 50!
ikepetro +1 I ran 8.7......I have no idea how I did though...