Hamster Go Home Hamster Go Home Will you help this cute hamster to find his way back home? He is rolling around these platform levels in his little hamsterball. Use the bombs to m... 5.2 Lumidisk Lumidisk Play in the Lumidisk arena and try to turn all of your opponents discs into your colour. Watch out, because you can also accidentally transform yo... 5.2 Mahjong Online Mahjong Online Play a fun game of Mahjong and clear away all the tiles by combining the playable matching tiles. This game has all kinds of useful features, like ... 5 Timbermen Halloween Timbermen Halloween Play a funny Halloween version of the game Timberman. Can you chop down the massive tree without being hit by any of the branches? Try to get as fa... 4.3 Snowball World Snowball World Run and jump through the levels with the cat Snowball. Can you catch the red mice and the red birds? Find the key to open the exit. Try to jump ove... 5.1 Crimson & Stache Crimson & Stache Run and jump to get through the levels that lie between you and the moonlit barbershop. Your bravery is great and your moustache is full. Will you ... 5.2 Furry Brothers Furry Brothers Can you throw rocks to break the right tiles? The objective in each level is to make the ball roll and bounce to the furry creature Pichu. Can you ... 5.4 Darth Vader Biker Darth Vader Biker Ride your bike over the ramps with Darth Vader and try to do lots of different stunts. Can you finish the time trials and score enough points to co... 5.2 Animal Hunter 3D Animal Hunter 3D Animal Hunter 3D is an amazing shooting game that youll never be bored while you playing it! You need to go into the wild and shoot some deers, wo... 5.2 Be Fireman Be Fireman Are you ready to be a fireman? Your childhood dreams about being a firefighter is coming true with this Be Fireman game! Pick up your stuffs and se... 4.9 Robert The Scarecrow Robert The Scarecrow Roberts adventure as scarecrow begins here! In this platform game you must run, jump and fly. Collect many coins and be smart enough to dodge obst... 4.8 Sonic Smash Brothers Sonic Smash Brothers Enjoy a thrilling Sonic platform game in which you will find the return of classic characters from the series. Run, jump, collect coins and destroy... 4.6 Time Swap Time Swap You father has disappeared without a trace! Use a device that will let you see different situations your father has been in. This device will help ... 1 Kyra's Revenge Kyra's Revenge Kyra is out for revenge! She went to school and a bully threw all her papers on the ground. Gather the papers, jump on platforms and collect coins. 4.9 Shine Shine In this platform game you have to move through a dungeon. You have a shiny orb with you. But it must not touch anything or the game is over. 1

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Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2

PEGI-3 PEGI 3   
5.6 15.114


Enemies have taken over some space warship, and you have been sent to take it over. Customize 5 unique soldiers with hundred of weapons, attachments, armour upgrades and camouflages. Play the campaign mode for an action packed continuation of Strike Force Heroes 1. Try out the new slot machine for a chance on rare weapons and do not forget the custom game.


Play this game with your mouse and keyboard.
W/Up - Jump
A/Left - Move Left
S/Down - Crouch
D/Right - Move Right
R/Right Click - Reload
Q/Shift - Switch Weapons
E/Ctrl - Killstreak
Mouse - Aim and Shoot

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superg123 +0 ansome
muntether +0 who can test my sniper he is died in 1 secound
muntether +0 hahah all poor here im lvl 48
jaylet +0 its awsome
lairson32lance +1 i love this game
zevolt +1 i already finish all at ******
gonickeya +1 im so so salty i stared over
gonickeya +1 love it
landen5789 +0 hi bitches
SuperSahilOs +0 whats yup guys
SuperSahilOsmani +0 hi cool sahil
coolsahil +0 I am loving it
harun12344 +0 Level 15 is Kind of hard but anyway i finished it
HyperEagle77 +0 I finished the whole game. The last level was kind of hard.
HyperEagle77 +0 I love this game
HyperEagle77 +0 I love it
ssundde +1 ilove this
camilogamer +0 I did it all in level 16
camilogamer +1 I love this games
lyned11 +2 sniper are so good