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Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2

PEGI-3 PEGI 3   
4.7 16.969


Enemies have taken over some space warship, and you have been sent to take it over. Customize 5 unique soldiers with hundred of weapons, attachments, armour upgrades and camouflages. Play the campaign mode for an action packed continuation of Strike Force Heroes 1. Try out the new slot machine for a chance on rare weapons and do not forget the custom game.


Play this game with your mouse and keyboard.
W/Up - Jump
A/Left - Move Left
S/Down - Crouch
D/Right - Move Right
R/Right Click - Reload
Q/Shift - Switch Weapons
E/Ctrl - Killstreak
Mouse - Aim and Shoot

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superg123 +0 ansome
muntether +0 who can test my sniper he is died in 1 secound
muntether +0 hahah all poor here im lvl 48
jaylet +0 its awsome
lairson32lance +1 i love this game
zevolt +1 i already finish all at ******
gonickeya +1 im so so salty i stared over
gonickeya +1 love it
landen5789 +0 hi bitches
SuperSahilOs +0 whats yup guys
SuperSahilOsmani +0 hi cool sahil
coolsahil +0 I am loving it
harun12344 +0 Level 15 is Kind of hard but anyway i finished it
HyperEagle77 +0 I finished the whole game. The last level was kind of hard.
HyperEagle77 +0 I love this game
HyperEagle77 +0 I love it
ssundde +1 ilove this
camilogamer +0 I did it all in level 16
camilogamer +1 I love this games
lyned11 +2 sniper are so good