screenshot walkthroughBob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure Walkthrough


In Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure, the ancient Temple of Doom that Bob the Robber wants to ransack sure is full of very advanced technology for such a time-worn structure... Make sure the gold and crystal security cameras and the magical statues don't detect you. Sneak up on the mummies and the guards to knock them out, and take down the witch doctors before they run and sound the alarm! In order to open the doors, activate the elevators, and disable the lasers you will have to collect a number of security codes and gadgets. Search the temple and find all the items you need. Hide in the shadows or directly below the cameras until it's safe to pass. Can you get out of this temple alive? There are gold coins scattered around each level as well. You just have to find them.


Use arrow keys to play