Hill Racer games


Hill Racer Games

Click here to play the best free hill racer games online at keygames.com! Hill racer games are often really funny, because you have to race down the hill as fast as you can in an — often pretty silly — little wagon or kart. Try to gain as much speed as you can while coming down the hill, and fly, bounce, and roll as far as you can! Can you upgrade your kart a little each time to make it a bit better, faster, and nicer-looking? Maybe you can even turn that wreck into a decent car! While you come barrelling down the hill your mode of transport may fall apart a little, but that's not nearly as important as setting this new record for speed and distance! The further you travel, the more points and coins you collect to upgrade your cart. In other hill racer games you have to cross a hilly path on your motorcycle or in a truck. Can you get across all the bumps in the road without losing your balance and crashing? Try out challenging games such as Motor Bike 2 in which you have to cross the mountains on your motorbike. Or check out Truck Trial: Winter in which you have to transport goods in your truck while driving fast along a snowy road without causing any accidents. Roll down the hill and get as far as you can in these fun hill racing games! Have fun playing!