Mahjong Connect games  (19)

Mahjong Connect games

Play the best Mahjong Connect games here! Mahjong Connect is a fun Connect game featuring classic Mahjong tiles. However, in this Mahjong game, you don’t make pairs in quite the same way as in classic Mah-jongg games! In Mahjong Connect you have to find pairs of identical tiles. These tiles must be free on at least one side. Connect the tiles with a line to play them both away. The line between the two Mahjong tiles may only make a maximum of two 90 degree bends. This gameplay detail is why Mahjong Connect games are also commonly referred to as Nikakudori (two corner street). Sometimes this type of game is also called Shisen-sho, after the Sichuan or Four Rivers province in China. Another name you might have come across before is 2D Mahjong, because in Mahjong Connect the tiles are not stacked the same way they are in classic Mahjong games.