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on this website! Pac-man is a free game you can play online. There are many different pac man game variations, but they are all based on the arcade game classic first launched in 1980. When Pacman was released, video game developers initially didn't pay much attention to it until Pacman surprised the everyone by taking America by storm. Play the legendary arcade game now and discover what the Pacman fad was all about. Pacman is super addictive, and the circular yellow pac-dot eating Pac-Man character is a video game icon worldwide!
The maze in each level is full of dots, with Pacman needs to eat to clear the level. The maze is made unsafe by four colourful ghosts. Their colours are red, pink, cyan, and orange, and the ghosts' names are Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Pac-man is one of the most successful computer games ever developed, and even outdid games like Tetris and Street Fighter. Relive the Pacman heyday and play Pacman games online directly in your browser window right here! Have fun!