screenshot walkthroughSokoban 3D Walkthrough


Sokoban 3D is a colorful and updated version of the Japanese puzzle arcade game Sokoban! In Japanese, “souko-ban” means warehouse-man, and the original puzzle was about a warehouse employee who had to push crates to the right bays. Sokoban 3D has kept the original game mechanics, but with brightly colored cubes of wobbly jelly. You control the red cube. Roll across the board and push the blue blocks onto the tiles marked with a blue square. This will turn the blue blocks green. You can push the blocks, but you can’t pull them or move through them. That means you’ll have to be careful not to end up getting your blue blocks trapped in a corner. If you get stuck, you can use the restart button on the left to try the level again.


Use arrow keys to play