Royal Story

Royal Story is a game about a kingdom that was once a wonderful place. Until an evil sorceress showed up and ruined everything.

Jungle Wars

Jungle Wars is an amazing MMO game set in a tough jungle. You must build structures, defend your base from enemy attacks, attack hostile tribes and get recognized as the true master of jungle war strategy.

Hide Ceasar

Ceasar is in danger! Hide Ceasar! Place objects by tapping and hide ceasar.

Push Da Blocks

Push Da Blocks is a simple, yet challenging, fun push the block game. The funny colorful smileys are waiting for you! Try pushing them and try to connect them with tiles of the same color.

Bristlies 2

The Bristlies are captured and you must cut the rope to cut them loose! But before you cut the rope you must be very careful of your surroundings.

Do Not Crash

Do not crash! This is the only rule of the game. Change lanes by tapping anywhere. Do Not Crash is an easy game but hard to master!

Bubble Game 3

Bubble Game 3 is all about bubble shooting. In this Bubble Shooter game you must shoot at least three matching bubbles. Bubble Game 3 is the original Bubbleshooter game made by Absolutist.

3 Keys Solitaire

In 3 Keys Solitaire you must remove all cards by playing cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card(s) top right.

Run 2 Run 2

In Run 2 Run 2 you must run through a blue 3D tunnel once more without falling into the endless void.


in FISHAO you will go on an adventure together with your fishingrod. Catch more than 190 different types of fish in 10 different areas. Play as a pro fisherman and catch as many different fish as you can in this amazing MMO game FISHAO!

Pocahontas Slots

Pocahontas Slots is a Slots machine game. Place your bets, spin the reels and hope for a lucky payoff!

Jelly Madness

Jelly Madness is a free Match-3 puzzle game. You must connect happy, amazed, angry and evil jelly’s. They look a lot like jelly beans, but they’re a lot more funny! Combine 3 or more jellies of the same color and beat each challenging level. The levels will increase with difficulty. In some levels you must get rid of bombs or tiles. Play Jelly Madness and unleash the explosive jelly mania!


Recrute Barbarians, expand your empire and loot treasures in this epic new MMO Barbarians. Build a big city, train soldiers and fight for territory. Barbarians is a new MMO game by Plinga.

Candy Rain 2

In Candy Rain 2 you will find a chance to show your intelligence! Match 3 or more bejeweled candies and create great combinations. In every level you have different tasks! Start this amazing game and have a good time! The game is very similar to Candy Crush.

Emily’s Fashion

Emily will try out a new outfit today. In Emily’s Fashion you can choose from different hairstyles, make up, jewelry, dresses, skirts, pants and shoes. Can you give her the best outfit?

Tiny Ninja

In Tiny Ninja you must get as far as you can. Use the buttons on your screen to jump 1 or 2 steps. Be careful, if you jump wrong it’s gameover. How far can you get?

GoodGame Empire

Goodgame Empire is all about becoming the greatest knight the world has ever known. The world of Goodgame Empire is at your feet. Decide your strategy, make an alliance with friends and reach your biggest goals.

Snacky Line

In this Connect game you must connect same pieces of fruit, cake, candy and flowers. You can also connect pieces that are far away from eachother, but they must be on the borders of the game. Connecting objects that are far away will earn you more points.

Mr Flap

In Mr Flap the blue bird is flying through a dangerous wheel with obstacles. Dodge all the blue pillars that move constantly up and down. Avoid the pillars, just like in Flappy Bird, and reach the highest score.

Brazil Cup 2014

Play in the Brazil Worlcup 2014! Make goals and claim victory on the soccer worldcup!

Play football in this Brazil Cup 2014 soccer game. Make goals and claim victory on the soccer worldcup penalty shootings!

Zombies Can’t Jump

Defend your position against hordes of zombies. Stack boxes and upgrade your weapons. Zombies can’t jump, so make sure to keep yourself high!


Gunbot is all about a war that happens to be in a faraway galaxy. You are the hero, an one eyed robot with a huge arsenal of powerful star trek look a like weapons.

Cannons And Soldiers

Cannons and Soldiers is a shooting game like Angry Birds. Try to shoot your enemies, collect as many points as possible and go to the next level.

Tulis Farm

complete mess of the farm. It’s your job to return all the lost hidden objects! Find the boots, hammer, lantern, gloves and many more hidden items.

Alien Kindergarten Puzzle

In this alien puzzle game Alien Kindergarten you must drag and drop alien eggs to the right positions.

Bubble Meadow

Bubble Meadow is a fantastic bubble shooter game. You play as a cute dog on a grassy field. You must shoot bubbles to clear the bubble field. You can use the walls to reach difficult places.

Age Of War

In Age Of War your goal is to survive and destroy the enemy base. Go back to the prehistory and travel through each age of war.

Create Your Own Car 3

Always wanted to create your own racing car? Stop looking and create your own car in create your own car 3. In this game you will find all the cars that your desire. Buy your first car, start racing and save your money to buy the car of your dreams.

Papas Freezeria

It’s too hot for Papa selling pizza’s therefor your will start selling the best smoothies in town. Papa’s Freezeria has a lot of fresh ingredients which you can mix up. But having a lot of ingredients at papas restaurant doesn’t make your job easier. In this Papa Freezeria game you work hard.

1 on 1 Soccer

1 on 1 Soccer is a soccer game for real sports fans. Choose your favorite soccer team and battle in a 1 on 1 football match.

My Nail Studio

In My Nail Studio you will make the nails of all your customers pretty again by giving them some nail polish. This is the perfect game for girls.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Battle once more in Kingdom Rush 2 Frontiers! The sequel to the critically acclaimed strategy game Kingdom Rush. Kingdom Rush Frontiers has new heroes, levels and giant beasts that want eat all your soldiers.

Plazma Burst

Plazma Burst is a shooting game set in an imminent future. You are a volunteer who has been sent into the past to change the course of history.


aze you will battle against Aliens, Robots and Zombies in a fight for survival.

Flappy Bird

In Flappy Bird you must fly flappy bird through dangerous pipes. How far can you get?

Fairy Town

Match coloured balls in groups of three or more to vaporize them in your quest to reach the core of Fairy Town!

Raft Wars 2

Pirates Ahoy! Raft Wars is back with Raft Wars 2. Infiltrate the waterpark and fight your way through security to find your treasures. Raft Wars 2 shares gameplay similarities with the classic game Worms in which you initiate turn-based offensive attacks. Aim and shoot, make sure to upgrade your raft and armor and stay afloat.

Tetris 1

Tetris is one of the most famous games in the world. Tetris 1 is a tile-matching puzzle game in which you must stack different falling shaped blocks (Tetriminos) and form a horizontal line.

Governor Of Poker 2

Governor Of Poker 2 is a poker game packed with lots and lots of stuff. There are more cities to conquer, more tournaments to play and more money to win. Call, raise, check or fold.

Mickey And Friends In Pillowfight

This strategy Disney game Mickey And Friend in Pillowfight pushes Mickey, Donald and Goofy to their limits. Pick a pillow, water balloon or a water gun to knock out all your Disney friends in this epic Disney game.

Bubble Spinner 2

Get ready for the best bubble shooter game: Bubble Spinner! Bubble Spinner is a game like Bubble Shooter, but with a rotating hexagon filled with bubbles.

Escaping the prison

The one and only Stickman is locked up in jail. Help him in making the right choices and escape prison as fast as possible before the guards notice you’re gone