Cupcake Time

Bake delicious cupcakes with some help from little Molly and her cat Cleo. Help them mix the batter by adding all the right ingredients and using the whisk to mix them all together. Now you can place the cupcakes in the tray and bake them in the oven. Be careful, the oven is a bit hot!

Sushi Time

Can you play away all the sushi by making combination of 2 or more of the same ones? Tap one piece of sushi and trace across the other pieces you want to include in the combination. Try to make long combinations, and to play away extra sushi by making a square of rectangle shape to clear the full row.

Goodgame Poker

Goodgame Poker brings all the skill and strategy needed to excel at Texas Hold’em poker combined with modern online features such as customisable personal avatars for a new and exciting multiplayer experience.

Total Domination

After plague and nuclear war have ravaged the earth, civilisation as you know it is gone and a new world order has arisen. Scattered across the Wasteland are various sectors, constantly at war with each other over scarce resources. In this game you are a Sector Commander.

Soldiers Inc.

It’s the year 2019, and the world’s biggest deposit of minerals has just been discovered in the Former Republic of Zandia. Almost overnight, war breaks out as corporate interests and new legal mercenaries turn the country into a black ops war zone for a slice of the profits.

Sokoban United

Sokoban United is a free Sokoban 3D puzzle game in which you need to push boxes to pass a level.

Knights & Brides

Choose your character – either a mighty knight or an audacious princess – and start the most amazing adventure of all time!

Candy House

Candy House is a fun Bejewelled game in which you must play away all the coloured blocks. Make combinations of three or more blocks of the same colour bij making adjacent blocks switch places.

Lost Island 3

Shoot the coloured marbles into the line in Lost Island 3 and try to make combinations of three or more marbles of the same colour.

Sparta: War of Empires

You are challenged to wage a war to dominate the ancient map. At your disposal are ancient warriors and challenges as you rise to gain honor as a warrior, leader and diplomat.
Do you have the strategic skills needed to lead your people … or will you rely on total War?
The choice is yours, the choice is Sparta!

Cute Puzzle Witch

Try to play away combinations of identical blocks with the Cute Puzzle Witch. You can click on any combination of three or more identical blocks that are stacked next to each other.

Illumitate 2

Rotate the battery and the lamp in Illuminate 2 and see if you can switch on the light.

Shanghai Mahjong

In Shanghai Mahjong you can play a large number of beautiful Mahjong boards, from classic layouts to new and fun ones like Pikachu and Stargate.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Experience PVP-battles, construct a Haven and learn strategy as you battle rival Captains for control of the Seven Seas in this new pirate MMORTS from Plarium.

Jewel Academy

Find the way through the Jewel Academy in this exciting Match-3 Bejeweled game.

Puzzle Battle

In Puzzle Battle RPG Match 3 you must battle against evil monsters and dragons. This game is about puzzle & dragons with bejeweled match 3 and exciting RPG elements.

​Indy Cat

Collect the jewels in Indy Cat jewel game! Indy Cat has over 1000 levels, amazing graphics and extremely fun Bejeweled jewels gameplay.


The adventure of Klondike begins! Klondike is a game about a young adventurer who searching for his long lost father.

Falldown Miner

Falldown Miner is a classic Falldown game where you have to avoid the rotating blades from killing you.

Diamond Dazzle

Remove gems by clicking on groups of 3 or more gems! The bigger, the better. Your moves are limited. Your game ends when you are out of moves or out of time.

Ragdoll 2

Shoot the doll through the ragdoll and collect all the balloons!

Mystery Temple

In Mystery Temple Match-3 you uncover a dark mystery of the temple. Try to connect three same-colored objects and unbind the gem.

Cyclops Physics

Help the green and red cyclops blocks get to their corresponding platforms. Click on the blocks to make them shapeshift into circles.

Hide Ceasar

Ceasar is in danger! Hide Ceasar! Place objects by tapping and hide ceasar.

Jungle Wars

Jungle Wars is an amazing MMO game set in a tough jungle. You must build structures, defend your base from enemy attacks, attack hostile tribes and get recognized as the true master of jungle war strategy.

Push Da Blocks

Push Da Blocks is a simple, yet challenging, fun push the block game. The funny colorful smileys are waiting for you! Try pushing them and try to connect them with tiles of the same color.

Minecraft Clone

Minecraft is the game of freedom! This unique game is build on the powers of user generated content. Build and move the world in any way you wish.

Bubble Game 3

Bubble Game 3 is all about bubble shooting. In this Bubble Shooter game you must shoot at least three matching bubbles. Bubble Game 3 is the original Bubbleshooter game made by Absolutist.

Dragons Mahjong

Dragons Mahjong is a mahjong game with a dragons theme. Find 2 of the same mahjong tiles to remove them from the game.

Ancient Mahjong

In Ancient Mahjong you must combine 2 of the same mahjong stones to remove them from the mahjong field.

Run 2 Run 2

In Run 2 Run 2 you must run through a blue 3D tunnel once more without falling into the endless void.

3 Keys Solitaire

In 3 Keys Solitaire you must remove all cards by playing cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card(s) top right.


in FISHAO you will go on an adventure together with your fishingrod. Catch more than 190 different types of fish in 10 different areas. Play as a pro fisherman and catch as many different fish as you can in this amazing MMO game FISHAO!

Mahjong Titans

History has seen many titans, but only one titan survived. Mahjong Titans. In this typical Mah Jongg game you must try to combine two of the same type of stones. There is no time limit and there are no hints. Mahjong Titans lets you play a match of Mahjong as it is meant to be played. Similar to Mahjongcon, Mahjong Titans uses a classic Chinese “majiang” theme.

Pocahontas Slots

Pocahontas Slots is a Slots machine game. Place your bets, spin the reels and hope for a lucky payoff!


Recrute Barbarians, expand your empire and loot treasures in this epic new MMO Barbarians. Build a big city, train soldiers and fight for territory. Barbarians is a new MMO game by Plinga.

Going Nuts

In this Bejeweled game Going Nuts you must swipe and match three or more nuts to get points! Get as many points as possible within sixty seconds! Match the peanuts and other nuts to get special powers.

Don’t Stop

The guy won’t stop moving! In Don’t Stop you must collect the keys to open treasure chests. Tap the doors to switch floors.

Tiny Ninja

In Tiny Ninja you must get as far as you can. Use the buttons on your screen to jump 1 or 2 steps. Be careful, if you jump wrong it’s gameover. How far can you get?