Block Racer Block Racer Race down the street and collect the coins. Switch lanes quickly by pressing the left or right arrow key to avoid the cars, trucks, traffic bariers... 4.3 Risky Road Risky Road Drive down the road in your car. On top of the car is a basket with an egg in it. How far can you drive without breaking the egg? If you go over th... 4 Slot Car Dodge Slot Car Dodge Race across the circuit and try to avoid the other car by switching lanes. The other car will switch lanes too, so look carefully and stay alert! H... 3.8 Super Police Pursuit 3D Super Police Pursuit 3D Can you destroy all the other cars on the road by bashing into them with your police car? Grind against the cars to break them, or slam them into t... 4.6 Tractor Farm Mania Tractor Farm Mania Its time to show us some driving skills with Tractor Farm Mania game! Drive the truck across a bumpy road but not too fast! You have an important ... 4 Bank Robbers Mayhem Bank Robbers Mayhem This is a combination between a action and race game! Youre in desperate need of money, so you start robbing banks. While getting away from the po... 4 Flash Tuning Car GT Flash Tuning Car GT An online game that allows you to create your own sports car. Use the range of functions at your disposal to change the spoiler, doors, rims, tyres... 4.1 Highway Racer 3D Highway Racer 3D Choose a car, personalize it and win many races! Earn enough money to buy new cars. Avoid crashing or you have to start over again. 4.3 Modern Moto Racers Modern Moto Racers In this racing game you will bike through futuristic neon tracks, you can upgrade your bike and win races. Use your mouse to ride your bike. 4.2 Monster Truck Fever Monster Truck Fever Drive in a monsterous Monster Truck on different tracks around the world. Unlock better cars in each level and try to become the champion of the race. 4.4 Crazy Wheels Crazy Wheels Crazy Wheels is a crazy racing game with tons of features! Modify your care in the garage and choose a race. Earn money for upgrades and better car... 4.2 Cyclomaniacs Epic Cyclomaniacs Epic The Cyclomaniacs are back! And more epic than before! The Haddock have taken over a film studio and the Cyclomaniaks must beat them. Race through... 4.2 Custom Car Shop Custom Car Shop Buy cars and pimp them up to gain extra cash. Drag the cars to the shop and give them a new color. Drag them to the showroom to sell. Make atleast ... 4.1 Drag Racer 3 Drag Racer 3 Buy your car, customize it and race, but be careful - do not break the engine! 4.3 The Beetles The Beetles In the beetles you have to race as fast as you can with your own car. Beat the rest and become the best! 4.2

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Build your own car 1

Build your own car 1

4.3 3.441


Select a car and modify it using the arrows on the right.


Use the mouse in this game.

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