Dungeon Descender Dungeon Descender Descend deep into the dungeons with the elf in this RPG game. Can you defeat all the monsters you will come across along the way? Collect the treas... 4.7 Match Craft Match Craft Make match 3 combinations with the minecraft voxels. You can connect them horizontally, vertically, and diagonally! Try to reach the required amoun... 4.7 Onperfect Onperfect Can you help daddy block and baby block complete all the platform levels? Jump over the obstacles, move the boxes, and collect objects to finish ea... 5.4 Delicious Emily's Childhood Memories Delicious Emily's Childhood Memories Emily is back at her parents farm. She remembers her first job in catering. Can you help her serve all the customers and collect photographs to ad... 6.1 Mr and Mrs Tart Mr and Mrs Tart Mr and Mrs Poptart have to try to get through the levels together. You can stand on top of each other or other Poptarts. Try to get to the toaster,... 5.3 The Milk Quest The Milk Quest Help the cat on his quest for milk! Click on items to guide the cat through the world. 6 Sonic on Clouds Sonic on Clouds In this very funny game, all you need to do is to jump as fast as you can and grab all the coins before the clouds disappear. You need to collect m... 4.7 Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Choose one of four classes of mages and start your adventure in the Tower of the Archmage! Create your own spells, defeat foes in turn-based combat... 5.7 Ice Cream Booth Ice Cream Booth Serve delicious ice creams and keep your customers happy! Too slow and is the icecream melting? Then your customers will walk away mad. Try to earn... 1 Mafia Stories 2 Mafia Stories 2 Do you have what it takes to become the next Don? Prove it in this fun retro action adventure game Mafia Stories 2! 5.7 Rhino Rink Rhino Rink Rhino Rink is a fun colorful game. Drag a rhino into a direction and take out many others. By using a bomb youll get 3x bonuspoints. Rhino Rink ca... 1 Zombie Mart Zombie Mart In the near future an epidemic outbreak happens that will change the planet for good. 99,9% of the world population has been infected and turned in... 5.9 Pretentious Game 3 Pretentious Game 3 Pretentious Game 3 is the epic continuation to the Pretentious Game series. The love within the blocks has not yet passed and the bride is searchin... 1 Rocket Pets Rocket Pets These pets have rockets for a reason! Shoot your pet as far as possible and collect all coins to invest in upgrading your computer. 1 Queen Of Snakes Queen Of Snakes Meet the Queen Of Snakes in this artsy point and click adventure game. Use your mouse to find, grab and use stuff. 5.6

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5.4 2.333


Build your own civilization. Try to figure out a correct order for the civilization.


Use your mouse to play this game.

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