Royal Vegas Solitaire Royal Vegas Solitaire Are you a huge fan of the card game Solitaire but will you sneak poker also cool? Royal Vegas Solitaire is a combination of Solitaire and Poker, a ... 4.2 Monster Wants Candy Monster Wants Candy An evil monster has stolen your love and the only way to get her back is to pay the fine. But it is not a normal fine. Instead of money you have to... 4.2 Pirate Hunter Pirate Hunter Sail the seven seas with your awesome pirate ship. But watch out because your are not the only one out there. Many other ships will try to attack y... 4.7 Get The Weight Get The Weight Can you Get The Weight? There are so many objects on this good earth. But what do they all weigh? Now it is your turn to take your best guess. Each... 4.3 Plunger Plunger Plunger is a perfect game for those with quick hands and an even quicker mind. Connect the goal nodes but evade the nodes that can hurt you. Find t... 4.7 Alfy Alfy Alfy needs your help! Collect the magic flowers and get all the stars to help Alfy prove his bravery to his brothers and father, the forest spirits... 4.3 Matt vs Math Matt vs Math Solve all the maths problems with Matt. At first the sums will be easy, but soon new math symbols will be introduced. There is also a timer, so try... 4.4 Hartenjagen 2 Hartenjagen 2 This is a fun tricks based game in which you have to corner your opponents and make them win the tricks containing the cards with the penalty point... 4.2 Candy Bricks Candy Bricks Play a game of Tetris with crystal candy-coloured blocks. The Tetris game is upside down, which is tricky, but more blocks and incomplete rows will... 4.5 Snap the Shape Japan Snap the Shape Japan Can you fit all the blocks into the shapes? Arrange the blocks so that everything fits. At the end of every puzzle you should have no blocks or emp... 4.5 123 Puzzle 123 Puzzle Can you solve all these maths puzzles? In each sequence one number will be replaced by a question mark. Can you look carefully at the sequence of n... 4.5 Torvi Cube T Torvi Cube T Are you ready to show us some intelligence with amazing Torvi Cube T game? Your goal in this game is to duplicate the example shape by rotating, mo... 4.4 Quebrix Quebrix Are you ready to show us some intelligence with this amazing Quebrix game? In Quebrix, a very enjoyable puzzle game is coming to your screens. You ... 4.6 Be Fireman Be Fireman Are you ready to be a fireman? Your childhood dreams about being a firefighter is coming true with this Be Fireman game! Pick up your stuffs and se... 4.4 Dot Lock Dot Lock You work for a company and your boss gave you the a challenge. You must create the ultimate path to unlock locks. Move your mouse of the dots and d... 4.3

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Master Solitaire

Master Solitaire

6.2 1.263


Master solitaire a very populair cards game.


Use the mouse in this game.

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