The Champions 2016 The Champions 2016 Compete in the Euro 2016 soccer finals. Choose a team and name all your players. Can you intercept the ball and run past the oppositions defence to... 4.2 Captain Football Euro 2016 Captain Football Euro 2016 Your team starts this Euro 2016 soccer game in neutral shirts. Run across the pitch and dodge all the other players. Pass them by dodging left or r... 3.9 Kopanito: All Stars Soccer Kopanito: All Stars Soccer Pick your favourite team and compete in the World Cup with up to 32 other teams in this free-to-play MMO football game. Play in stadiums all over t... 4.1 Troll Boxing Troll Boxing In this game you have entered the troll boxing competition. Can you knock out all the other trolls? Punch your opponents when their guard is down, ... 4.3 Winning Putt Winning Putt Winning Putt is an MMO golf game like you’ve never seen before. The amazing, realistic, and creatively designed golf greens in this game will blow ... 4.3 Messi Cr7 Saw Game Messi Cr7 Saw Game The evil Saw has captured Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Now they must play a game to save the Brazil World Cup 2014. Click on objects inside this po... 3.9 Skate On Top Skate On Top Use your skateboard to jump from platform to platform while collecting coins. 4.2 Unstoppable Slam Unstoppable Slam Some evil robots have set their evil eyes on Earth. Theres only one hero that can save it, thats you! Together with your basketball and amazing p... 4 Mini Golf Fantasy 3D Mini Golf Fantasy 3D Are you the new Tiger Woods? Shoot the hard ball with your golfclub towards the flag and hole. Theres difficult obstacles to overcome, but that ma... 4.3 Stickman Freestyle BMX Stickman Freestyle BMX Stickman does some tricks on his brandnew BMX. Nothing is too dangerous for him, but he needs a little bit of your help. Use the keyboard to contro... 4.3 Pony Farmer Pony Farmer Tina is in charge of her parents pony farm management. Your job is to help her look after the ponies and make sure they are all healthy and clean. ... 4.2 Euro 2012 Penalty Game Euro 2012 Penalty Game Play for the European Championship Football in Euro 2012 Penalty Game. Who is the big winner? You decide. Choose from 16 countries and shoot the ba... 4.2 Surplus Soldiers Surplus Soldiers Its an endless battle between good and evil, the champion of light will win eventually though! In Surplus Soldiers, a ragdoll cannon inspired game... 4.1 World Boxing Tournament World Boxing Tournament In this cool game you can fight against the computer or play against each other. Player 1 moves with WASD and attacks with BNM, space to defend. Pl... 4.1 Zombie Launcher Zombie Launcher Launch zombies from your cannon so that they hit the oranges. The fewer the shots and the less time you take to collect all of the oranges, the hig... 4.2

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Street Skater 2

Street Skater 2

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Practice with your skateboard and perform all kinds of tricks on an urban track.


Move with the arrow keys, jump with the spacebar and do different tricks with the ASDFG keys. Click on "Learn" to learn how to use them step by step.

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