Skater Dude Skater Dude Skate across the street and try to collect as many cans of spray paint as you can. Watch out that you don’t hit any obstacles littering the road. I... 3.9 Medieval Dodgeball Medieval Dodgeball Even in the Middle Ages they played dodgeball. The only difference is that you are on your own now. But you can handle that, right? Dodge the blac... 4.1 Basketbal Basketbal In this basketball game youre in an outdoor basketball court. Throw the ball through the hoop. Watch the direction of the wind and the force of th... 4.3 Skatester Skatester Compete against other skaters in a race to the finish. Avoid obstacles on the road and perform cool stunts with your skateboard. 4.9 Skate On Top Skate On Top Use your skateboard to jump from platform to platform while collecting coins. 4.6 Disco Bowling Deluxe Disco Bowling Deluxe Nothing is more fun then a evening Disco Bowling! In this bowling game you will do exactly that! Throw the bowling ball towards the pawns and try t... 4.5 Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Knight Sentry is a fun defense game in a fantasy world. Aim your bow and arrow towards an evil army and defeat them. Orcs, bats and other mythical ... 4.4 King's Rider King's Rider Ride your horse in this Kings Rider game. The forest is filled with dangerous enemies. There are orcs and dark mages waiting to challenge you an... 4.6 Greek Hero Greek Hero The fiance of the Greek Hero is abducted. But dont worry. Hes strong, brave and has a bow with arrows! Help him shoot the enemies. But youll hav... 4.5 Rapid Rampage Rapid Rampage Do you like water and racing? Then you will sure enjoy this game. Play each level and earn enough money to keep you afloat. 4.6 Bike Tyke Bike Tyke This is a new version of the famous game Paper Boy (and Paper Mario). You cycle through big streets and need to deliver newspapers. Be careful for ... 4.3 Tommy Slingshot Tommy Slingshot Youre sweat up mastering the slingshot to become the best marksman of the land. And you made it! You always hit the bulls-eye. Everything went pe... 4.6 Cannon Basketball Cannon Basketball Shoot the basketballs into the goal! You dont need to be fit to play this game. Use your big fat cannon to shoot the basketballs into the goal. 4.4 Vanguards Vanguards Join in a epic battle of heroes in this awesome game that combines cool comic style artwork with amazing gameplay. Join battles against villains an... 1

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Street Skater 2

Street Skater 2

4.3 304


Practice with your skateboard and perform all kinds of tricks on an urban track.


Move with the arrow keys, jump with the spacebar and do different tricks with the ASDFG keys. Click on "Learn" to learn how to use them step by step.

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