Daily Sudoku Daily Sudoku Can you solve this fun and challenging sudoku puzzle? Choose your level: normal, hard, or expert. Look carefully at the numbers entered in the grid... 4.2 Evil Robot Stole My Girlfriend Evil Robot Stole My Girlfriend An evil robot has kidnapped your girlfriend! Run through the levels and try to find her. You have to jump over the gaps and dodge the deadly red sp... 4.1 Wheely 6: Fairytale Wheely 6: Fairytale In this new installment in the Wheely series, the little red car Wheely and his girlfriend have been magically transported to the fairytale land by... 4.3 Kris Mahjong Kris Mahjong Can you clear away all the pictures in this Mahjong Connect game? Find the matching pairs and link them up with the nikakudori line. The line betwe... 3.7 Circle Circus Circle Circus These little robots are going around in circles. By flipping to the other side of the track they can move into other circles. Because inside of the... 4.1 Circle Run Circle Run 4 Unlockit Unlockit In Unlockit you need to unlock this big lock by hitting the right spots at exactly the right time. But keep your eyes open because gold coins will ... 4 1212! 1212! Place the blocks in the grid and try to make full rows and columns to play them away and make more space for new blocks. Place the flashing blocks ... 4.1 Baby Whale Resque Baby Whale Resque Make the water surround the whales by creating a path for the water to flow, and by using the faucets. Can you get the water to the whales, but mak... 4.1 Tetroid 2 Tetroid 2 Can you fit the blocks into the grid? You will get three blocks at a time, and you have to try to make them all fit. Make full rows and columns to ... 1 Mila's Magic Shop Mila's Magic Shop Can you help Mila run her magic shop? Create all kinds of magic potions and other magic items to sell across the counter and help your customers as... 4.2 Word Up Word Up Try to make words with the letters in the grid. Choose your language and start playing. Can you clear away enough letters to complete the level obj... 4 Tingly's Magic Solitaire Tingly's Magic Solitaire In this well-made magic solitaire game you have to try to clear away all the cards by stacking them on the discard pile. You can play a card when i... 4.1 Atlantris Atlantris Play a fun game of Tetris under the sea with Atlantris. Can you create full rows with the falling block to clear them all away? Try to clear 4 rows... 4 Goal Guess Euro 2016 Goal Guess Euro 2016 Play a fun soccer quiz game! Watch the moments right before an attempt to score a goal. Can you get if this shot was a goal or not? Do you remember... 4.2

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Tetris Sprint

Tetris Sprint

4 1.199


Play some good old fashioned Tetris.


Use arrow keys to play the game.

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