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Description is a board game inspired by Risk. Instead of the globe, the player must conquer all 50 states of America. In this strategy game, the player can send their troops to any state (not just the adjacent ones), and attempt to seize that state. Some states are neutral, but others will send their own forces to counter attack.

How to play

The player can deploy their soldiers anywhere by tapping the state and then tapping on a target. However, marching on another state will reduce the number of soldiers in the player’s own territory, leaving it vulnerable to attack. The number shown in each state is the number of units the player must defeat. Each unit the player possesses is capable of neutralizing one enemy unit. The player must pay close attention to what each of the opposing armies is doing, and exploit any unwise moves they make. Between rounds, the player can use gold coins to upgrade their army.

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Release date

February 7, 2022

Use your mouse to play