Kogama: Kizi Adventure

Kogama: Kizi Adventure



In Kogama: Kizi Adventure, the little green space alien Kizi is stranded on a strange and dangerous planet. During his crash landing, parts of Kizi's spaceship have come loose. They're scattered across the different regions of the planet. So far, Kizi has been unable to collect them all, but maybe you can help? Follow the trail of stars and coins showing you the way to the lost machine parts. You can use the magic portals to teleport all over the planet. Use the checkpoints to save your progress. Sneak past the creepy monsters, climb the high mountains, and skirt the shores of the deadly poison lakes to help Kizi repair his ship. In each area, Kizi will show up to give you some advice on how and where to find the machine parts that were lost there. Run, jump, and use your wits to complete this exciting 3D adventure game!


Use the mouse to shoot
Use WASD or the arrow keys to move
SpaceUse the space bar to jump