Rabbit Punch Rabbit Punch Try to hit the rabbit whenever it pops out of the hat. Make sure you dont hit the magician though! Youll get lots of points subtracted for hittin... 5 Winter BMX Jam Winter BMX Jam Its time to prove your skills on two wheels in the winter time! Lets see how good you are on the best bmx. Pick your favorite BMX bike and start ... 5.2 Awesome Run Awesome Run Are you ready to become the world running champion in this thrilling Awesome Run game? In the beginning of the game, you will create your character... 5.3 Flick 2 Dunk Flick 2 Dunk In Flick 2 Dunk you have to shoot all the basketballs to the basket. You have limited tries, so take shots with care. You can play this HTML5 baske... 1 Pigs Go Home Pigs Go Home Shoot all the pigs home in this billiard skill game. Simply fling your cows and crash them into each other to knock them off. 1 Pongoal Blitz Pongoal Blitz Step into the role of a real goalkeeper and hold the ball. Use mouse to move the goalkeeper. Click to make a fireball. A and S to switch team strat... 1 Furry Fighter Furry Fighter Fight as a wild cat in this fighting game. Learn all martial arts from the master cat and take down your opponents hard. Buy upgrades with the poin... 1 Back to the Alien Party Back to the Alien Party Outside earthly beings are not called for nothing, this green guy here has gotten lost and needed to back up and there you can to help! Shoot the a... 5.1 World Boxing Tournament World Boxing Tournament In this cool game you can fight against the computer or play against each other. Player 1 moves with WASD and attacks with BNM, space to defend. Pl... 5.5 Light my Fire Light my Fire 1 Pool 2 Pool 2 Shoot all balls in the pockets. 5.6 Boxing Boxing Defeat your opponent in a boxing game. 1 Christmas Cannon Christmas Cannon Get as high as possible with the Christmas canon! 5.3 Santa Boxing Santa Boxing Enter the fight with or against Santa Claus in the ring. 1 Snow fight 4 Snow fight 4 Hit your opponent with a snowball as much as you can. 1

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Celebrity Fight Club 2

Celebrity Fight Club 2

5.3 800


Bush and Kerry in a fight! Choose which presidential candidate you want to be and beat the other one.


Press "W" to throw Left Upper-cut, "A" for Left JAb, "S" for Right Upper-Cut and "D" for Right Jab
Holding the SPACEBAR is your defensive block and lets you regain your strength for more powerful punches.

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