Equestrian Jumping Rio 2016 Equestrian Jumping Rio 2016 Race across the track as fast as you can on horseback. Gain enough speed to leap over the different hurdles. Make sure your horse clears them all. ... 4.2 Rythmic Gymnastics Rio 2016 Rythmic Gymnastics Rio 2016 You are a gymnast at the Rio Olympic Games. The rhythmic gymnastics event is all about grace and moving with the music. React quickly and hit the s... 3.9 Boxing Rio 2016 Boxing Rio 2016 Knock out your opponent during the Olympic boxing event at the Rio 2016 Games. Can you punch your opponent when their guard is down? Punch high or ... 3.7 Summer Sports Boxing Summer Sports Boxing Play a challenging set of 3D boxing matches at the Olympic Games. Can you defeat all your opponents? When your opponent draws back their fist to pu... 3.9 Troll Boxing Troll Boxing In this game you have entered the troll boxing competition. Can you knock out all the other trolls? Punch your opponents when their guard is down, ... 4.3 Evil Wyrm Evil Wyrm The Evil Wyrm is a giant dragon with laser eyes that has awoken and wants to destroy the word. Take the staff of Odin and collect all the power gem... 4.3 Pool Elite Pool Elite Pool Elite is the ultimate billiards game for casual and hardcore players. You will not see another billiards game as realistic as Pool Elite. Play... 4.2 Ultimate Boxing Ultimate Boxing Fight in a boxing match in this great 3D boxing game. Hit your opponent and quickly switch to blocking your opponents punches while you rest up fo... 4.1 Winter BMX Jam Winter BMX Jam Its time to prove your skills on two wheels in the winter time! Lets see how good you are on the best bmx. Pick your favorite BMX bike and start ... 4.2 World Cup 2014 World Cup 2014 Play in the World Cup 2014 and shoot the ball into the goal. You are standing before the goal, choose a direction and shoot the ball with all your ... 4.1 Unstoppable Slam Unstoppable Slam Some evil robots have set their evil eyes on Earth. Theres only one hero that can save it, thats you! Together with your basketball and amazing p... 4.2 The Button Heads The Button Heads Overcome tough obstacles and shoot all enemy balls out of the field, but beware not to fall off yourself. 4 Bee Boxing Bee Boxing Bring down your opponents hive to win the fight. 4.2 Rock Paper Shiv Rock Paper Shiv In this game you have to choose one out of the three options every round. But you will never know if you will make the right choice. But you have t... 4.2 AndroidSoccer AndroidSoccer Shoot the ball in the goal. 4.2

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Celebrity Fight Club 2

Celebrity Fight Club 2

4.4 823


Bush and Kerry in a fight! Choose which presidential candidate you want to be and beat the other one.


Press "W" to throw Left Upper-cut, "A" for Left JAb, "S" for Right Upper-Cut and "D" for Right Jab
Holding the SPACEBAR is your defensive block and lets you regain your strength for more powerful punches.

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