Joe da Punch!! Joe da Punch!! Joe has to defeat all of his enemies to stay alive. Archery Rio 2016 Archery Rio 2016 Shoot at the target with your arrows and hit the bullseye during the Olympic Games archery event. Try to keep your score as high as possible, even ... 4.4 Tennis Rio 2016 Tennis Rio 2016 Play tennis at the Rio Olympic Games and go for gold. Serve the ball and try to return it and create an opportunity for a smash. Hit the ball into ... 4.3 Boxing Rio 2016 Boxing Rio 2016 Knock out your opponent during the Olympic boxing event at the Rio 2016 Games. Can you punch your opponent when their guard is down? Punch high or ... 3.9 Summer Sports Boxing Summer Sports Boxing Play a challenging set of 3D boxing matches at the Olympic Games. Can you defeat all your opponents? When your opponent draws back their fist to pu... 4 Top Archer Top Archer Shoot arrows at the target with your archer and try to impress your audience. All the different members in the audience will have come to see somet... 4 Soccer Bubbles Soccer Bubbles Shoot the coloured soccer balls across the field in this funny bubbles game. Can you make combinations of three or more soccer balls of the same co... 4.1 Table Soccer Table Soccer Play a fun game of table football or foosball. Pass the ball between your players and try to score points by kicking the ball into your opponents g... 4.1 Troll Boxing Troll Boxing In this game you have entered the troll boxing competition. Can you knock out all the other trolls? Punch your opponents when their guard is down, ... 4.2 Basket & Ball 2 Basket & Ball 2 Basket and Ball are in love. Can you help bring them together? Bounce Ball through the level and try to collect all the stars. Then help Ball jump ... 4.2 Ragdoll Ball Ragdoll Ball Try to touch the football to turn it your colour, and then dont let your opponent touch it. Can you keep the ball your colour for as long as possi... 4.3 Drunken Wrestlers Drunken Wrestlers These two puppets are a bit drunk! Will you be able to dodge all the blows and Knock Out your opponent? 4.3 Bowmaster Target Range Bowmaster Target Range Shoot with bow and arrow towards the goal. Are you the new Robin Hood? To play this game you need the Unity Web Player. 3.9 Football Chain Football Chain Create a chain reaction in this fun soccer game. Make the balls explode and complete all the challenges. Can you beat all the levels? 4.2 My Horse Farm My Horse Farm You run your own horse farm and must take good care of your horses. Give your horses fresh food, water and expand your horse farm with better stuff. 4

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Celebrity Fight Club 2

Celebrity Fight Club 2

4.4 829


Bush and Kerry in a fight! Choose which presidential candidate you want to be and beat the other one.


Press "W" to throw Left Upper-cut, "A" for Left JAb, "S" for Right Upper-Cut and "D" for Right Jab
Holding the SPACEBAR is your defensive block and lets you regain your strength for more powerful punches.

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