Soccerdown Euro Cup 2016 Soccerdown Euro Cup 2016 Select your team and run across the soccer pitch with your player. Make sure you do not get tackled and beat up by the opposing team. Grab all the ... 4.2 Euro Soccer Pong 2016 Euro Soccer Pong 2016 Play along in the Euro Cup 2016. Choose the national team you want to play for. You control two football players standing some way away from each o... 3.9 Carzy Champion Soccer Carzy Champion Soccer Can you kick the ball into the goal and win the penalty shootout to win the soccer match? You have to shoot the ball past the goal keeper. More pla... 4.1 Baseball Blast Baseball Blast Can you hit the targets each time with your baseball. Wait for the pitcher to throw and hit the ball to aim it at the lampposts and the windows acr... 4.3 Street Ball Star Street Ball Star Try to shoot the ball through the hoop in this basketball game. The hoop keeps changing place! Hit the coins to collect them, and try to make a cle... 4.2 Rabbit Punch Rabbit Punch Try to hit the rabbit whenever it pops out of the hat. Make sure you dont hit the magician though! Youll get lots of points subtracted for hittin... 4.3 Table Tennis Power Pong Table Tennis Power Pong Play a table tennis match in this fun table tennis game! You can play it on work, practice it as sports or become a table tennis professional. Choo... 4.1 Drunken Wrestlers Drunken Wrestlers These two puppets are a bit drunk! Will you be able to dodge all the blows and Knock Out your opponent? 4.2 Mini Golf Fantasy 3D Mini Golf Fantasy 3D Are you the new Tiger Woods? Shoot the hard ball with your golfclub towards the flag and hole. Theres difficult obstacles to overcome, but that ma... 4.2 Bow And Arrow Hit The Jackpot Bow And Arrow Hit The Jackpot Shoot the arrow towards the board and try to reach the highest score. 4 Apple Shooter Apple Shooter Time to practise your William Tell routine... Use your mouse to shoot the apple off the head of the other dude,... the apple, not the head! 4.5 Archers Oath Archers Oath Choose the right arrows, aim and cut the rope. Just like Robin Hood, save the people for the greater good. Dont aim too low.. or you will hurt them.. 4.2 Dkicker Italian Soccer Dkicker Italian Soccer Select your favorite Italian socccer team and become the champion of the cup! Shoot the ball in the goal and make your team proud! 4.6 World Boxing Tournament World Boxing Tournament In this cool game you can fight against the computer or play against each other. Player 1 moves with WASD and attacks with BNM, space to defend. Pl... 4.2 Charger Escape Charger Escape An escape game for the horse lovers. Use the mouse to search the location and find items. Use them to solve the Mystery Puzzle. Search the stables,... 4.3

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Celebrity Fight Club 2

Celebrity Fight Club 2

4.2 814


Bush and Kerry in a fight! Choose which presidential candidate you want to be and beat the other one.


Press "W" to throw Left Upper-cut, "A" for Left JAb, "S" for Right Upper-Cut and "D" for Right Jab
Holding the SPACEBAR is your defensive block and lets you regain your strength for more powerful punches.

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