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Cool Math games offer a combination of brain training games featuring number puzzles and logic challenges. Check out the games collected in this catalogue, or head over to our general Brain Training games page and our math games page to browse our full collection.

What are Cool Math games about?

Cool Math is the name of a games distributor that focuses on educational math games. Many people experience math as a difficult subject in school. Cool Math believes that’s mainly just because it’s not presented in a fun way in classroom settings. But math doesn't have to be boring or hard. It can be really fun and engaging, and that’s why this brand works to present math in a gamified way. This makes math practice way more enjoyable. You'll learn how to complete sums quickly and accurately in no time at all. The company has been around since 1997 and they’re still going strong, so clearly it’s a formula that makes sense.

Relax and hone your math skills

We’ve collected some of the best games that will help you relax while keeping your brain in shape. Wind down after school and hone your skills in an entertaining way. Have you already tried the addicting addition game Make Me 10? Shoot the bubbles to combine the right numbers, but make sure the circle doesn’t get too crowded. Complete sums as quickly as you can and master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Cool Math games make homework fun! Have a great time playing.