Type Fast  (18)

Type Fast

Visit our web page to play the best type fast games! In these games you have to type out what you see on the screen as fast as you can manage. It'll really help if you can touch type. In fact, the objective of many speed typing games is to teach you touch typing. That way, you can watch the screen for the prompts without having to look down at the keys and your fingers.
Are you able to touch type? If not, learn how to do it now by playing fun games such as Book Worm, Text Express, and many more! If you are already able to touch type, the question is whether you are fast and accurate enough to keep up with the pace of these games!
We've searched the internet for the most fun and educational fast typing games available. That's why you'll find all the best online fast typing games collected in the games overview on this page.
Look carefully at the letters and the words that will appear on screen. Can you type out what it says very quickly? Use your typing skills to beat your opponents or to help your character dodge the dangers in the platform levels. Have fun playing these great speed type games!