Defend Position games


Defend Position

Play the best free defend position games online! Defend your position in games such as Final Fortress, Shadow Kings, and many other great defender games! In these games you have found a castle, bunker, or some other special position to occupy during a military campaign or siege. All of your enemies are slowly marching towards you. They're still outside of the castle walls for now, but give them time and they'll wreck the gates and walls and drag you out! You can't let that happen! Check out the weapons you have at your disposal and fire at the attackers with everything you've got in order to defend your position until the bitter end. Sometimes your attackers are soldiers, but they could also be monsters, terrorist, zombies, you name it! Can you keep all the attackers out? Help your gunmen, archers, wizards, and other heroes take out every last one of your enemies. Try not to let your attackers even get so far as to reach the walls and gates of your stronghold! After each round of attacks in these defend position games you will get a chance to upgrade your fortress, plant mines, upgrade your weapons, and make essential repairs. Spend the time and points you've earned wisely and hold your position for as long as you can! Have fun playing!