Freecell games


freecell games

Play the best free Freecell games here at! Freecell is a fun card game to play on your own. Stack away the cards from the aces to the kings. You have a number of free cells in which you can store cards that are lying in the way and blocking your access to other cards you need. Watch out though, because the fewer free cells you have left, the fewer cards you get to move around in one go! That’s why you should only fill up your free cells when you really have no other choice. Can you stack away all the cards on the table? Try out all kinds of fun Freecell variations such as Regal Freecell and Crescent Solitaire 3. We’ve got a great selection of Freecell and other solitaire card games lined up for you here at We wish you lots of fun with these and other great Freecell games!