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Domino Games

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On this page, you’ll find a collection of fun online domino games to try your hand at. Dominoes is an old game of strategy and wit that is enjoyed in countries all over the world. Plan your moves and place the right tiles on the board to create a sequence and empty your tray first. If you can’t place any tiles, you’ll have to keep drawing new ones until you can, putting you behind your opponents. Looking for more classic board games to keep your entertained? Check out the complete overview on our board games page.

Domino games: How to play

Dominoes is played with rectangular tiles that are divided into two square ends. Each square has a number from 1 – 6 on it. (In some versions for younger children, the numbers are replaced with pictures.) The aim of the game is to connect the tiles on the tabletop by matching the identical numbers. Each chain has two ends, so you have some options when it comes to selecting your tiles. Based on the tiles on the table and the ones in your tray, you might be able to make some guesses as to which moves will put your opponent at a disadvantage. Whoever can’t place any tiles, will have to draw additional ones from the reserve.

Domino Effect

Domino tiles are also famously used for another game. The tiles are placed upright on the slim end, one in front of the other so as to form a long row. The tiles are positioned fairly close together, so that when you push over one tile, it will hit and topple the next one, and the next one, and so forth, until all the tiles have fallen over. This is what the ‘domino effect’ in named for: when one thing falls, it causes others to follow. The domino toppling game has led to lots of world records and record attempts featuring complex constructions made out of hundreds of thousands of domino tiles.

Become a Domino Champion

Time to start your own game of dominoes. Pick a game and see which tiles you draw. The player with the highest double starts the round. Looking for more challenging online games to keep yourself busy? Head over to our brainteaser games page for lots of other entertaining puzzles.