Poker  (28)


Check out our website to play the best free poker games online! We've got lots of great poker games in our collection, such as Governor of Poker, Texas Hold em Poker and many more fun games! Poker refers to a family of card games that are played in casinos and at home on the internet. Internationally, Poker is widely considered a skill-based game, although in some countries it is also classified as a betting game.
There are many different poker variations, but in most poker games the players are dealt cards and a number of community cards are played out on the table (sometimes face down, these cards will be turned up one by one during the betting rounds). Players often first make a forced bet, such as the blind and/or ante. Going clockwise around the table, players can match the bet with a "call", "raise" the bet, or decide to leave that round and "fold". As the community cards are turned face up one by one, the players gain more information about the poker hands they can make. The player with the best poker hand wins, although a skilful bluffer can intimidate other players into making mistakes and misjudging the strength of their opponent's hand.
In poker, you never have all the information, because the community cards may not be open at the start of the betting rounds, and you do not know your opponents' cards. You have to try gather information by studying the other players' playing style, behaviour, and other "tells" by which they betray the value of their hand. Can you size up the other players correctly and outsmart them? Win all the chips in these fun and exciting poker games! You can play alone to practice, or challenge lots of other poker players online in one of our many great multiplayer poker games. Have fun playing!