screenshot walkthroughRise of Angels Walkthrough


Rise of Angels is a cool Fantasy MMO game with amazing graphics and three powerful character types to choose from. How will you enter the world of Rise of Angels to start off your adventure? Choose whether you want to begin your quest as a Mage, a Warrior, or an Archer. Each type has its unique strengths and weaknesses in battle. Mages can deal great Zone damage to groups of up to 10 foes with a single strike, while Warriors can cause devastating harm and wipe out individual targets one by one in close combat. As a long-distance combat specialist, Archers can fire volleys of arrows at rapid speed and hit multiple targets in a single attack. By fighting battles and collecting the necessary weapons and equipment you can boost your character's stats to make them strong enough to take down ever more powerful foes. Try to collect companions to add extra magic and firepower to your team. Take on enemies as part of your quest in exciting PvE battles, or take on other players in spectacular PvP showdowns.