Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Five Nights at Freddys 4 is the prequel to part two of this thrilling horror point-and-click survival game. In this fourth installment the horrors ... 4.2 Eieren Gooien Eieren Gooien Jump from basket to basket with the Easter eggs. You have exactly one dozen eggs. How far can you climb? Every time you miss a jump you lose an egg... 4.3 Qubed: New Adventures Qubed: New Adventures Are you ready to help this little red square to complete all levels in this fun physics platform game? Your mission is transmit the red cube to the... 4.9 Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows! Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows! Strange things are happening around this castle. Discover the tale of William van der Decken, famous for his battles against pirates, and his lovel... 4.1 Skincraft Skincraft This Minecraft application is called Skincraft. With this tool you can create your own textures for Minecraft. Its a great tool! If you play Minec... 4.4 Back in Time Back in Time Dr. Robinson has invented a time machine. But during a test he suddenly found himself in the middle ages. What now?! Theres not even electricity! ... 4.2 Beat Chaser 2 Beat Chaser 2 Choose your favorite song and battle against the rhythms of this game. You shoot automatically and you have to avoid hostile bullets. Surive for as... 4.2 Potato The Destroyer Potato The Destroyer This fried potato shoots at everything that moves. The game is a bit retro and similar to Super Mario, but of course with a gun. 4.1 Horse Thief Horse Thief A simple game with music and horses. That is how you describe this game. You can play as many times are you like, but its meant to start the day. ... 4.1 Pups Bejeweled Pups Bejeweled Make outfits for these cute animals in Pups Bejeweled Dress Up, a fun three-in-a-row bejweled challenge with hours of online pleasure. Patty wants ... 4.2 Cat Bejeweled Cat Bejeweled You must help Cathy the Cat play this bejeweled game. Match 3 of a kind in a row. Every level gives different items. 1 Battlefield Angel 2 Battlefield Angel 2 The rabbit is back for more in this online game Battlefield Angel 2! You must rescue the wounded pilot and bring him to the hospital. Hes in diffi... 4.2 Grav X Grav X In this original pixel game you must roll the blue ball to the exit. Find the black arrows to flip gravity. Avoid the dangerous robots because they... 1 Pyjaman Pyjaman He wears a pyjama and has the power of dreams, he is the Pyjaman! Use his imagination to go on an adventure in this point and click game. Discover ... 1 Must Escape the Playground Must Escape the Playground You were playing hide and seek in the playground with your friends. But you fell asleep and now youre all alone! You must escape the playground be... 4.4

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DJ Music Making

DJ Music Making

4.1 4.954


Are you the new DJ? Make your own music and change the beats.


This game can be played with the mouse.

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caseyiscool +0 its weird
DIMEBAGDRUMING +1 cool but corny to play with
blue22 +1 its prwertty coll
mchic +2 toads rubbish
mchic +1 havent played it yet hav 2 c how it gos :/