Yellow Snow Yellow Snow Try to pee in the right order. 1 Draw Story Draw Story Move through the levels as you use colored pencils to draw items to help you kill and reach the end. 4.5 Copy Cat Copy Cat Make a perfect copy of the image at the right side. Drag the objects you need from the menu on the right. Obtain a color mixing the colors from the... 1 Something Fishy 3 Something Fishy 3 Try to catch the same species of fish by circling the fish with your fish. 1 Car Line Car Line Draw a line to park your car. 4.2 Sketch Sketch You could be a great artist, but are you the next Rembrandt or are you more like Matisse? 4.5 Kill Zombies Kill Zombies Lure the evil creatures to follow your footsteps until they kill each other. 1 Magic Touch Magic Touch Use the mouse to draw the symbols that you see on the balloons to pop them. Try to prevent the knights from reaching the castle! 1 Magic Pen Magic Pen Here is the second drawing flash game, similar to Crayon Physics, in which you have to get the ball to the exits using the mouse and some physics s... 4.5 String Avoider 2 String Avoider 2 Navigate this piece of string through various mazes. Just press (and hold) the mouse button to move the string into the current direction of the mo... 4.5 Bounce 2 Bounce 2 Draw lines to help the ball reach the star. 1 Boulder Basher Boulder Basher Defend the little village in the valley from the falling rocks. 4.5 Supuzzle Supuzzle Connect all 3 houses to the water, eletricity and gas suppliers without crossing any lines. 1 Draw Bounce Draw Bounce Get the ball to the star and avoid the obstacles by drawing a line. 1 Tiki Balls Tiki Balls Tiki has angered the gods by disturbing the resting place of Kai-n-Tiku-Aba. Now Tane has attached a terrible cursed mask to his face. There is onl... 1

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Sketch Pad

Sketch Pad

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Copy the example images!


Use the mouse to play this game.

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