Easter Egg Design Challenge Easter Egg Design Challenge In this fun game the girls are playing an Easter egg decorating competition. Look at the designs you have to imitate. Can you recreate that Easter ... 4.2 Ditto Ditto Good memory? In this game you must reproduce the image you see. Place shapes, choose colors and sizes and put your visual memory to the test. 4.2 The Sandbox The Sandbox This is an experimental game where you use different combinations of elements. See the effect and choose, for example, from water, ice, fire, lava,... 4.3 Magical Pen 2 Magical Pen 2 Can you bring the red ball to the flag with your drawing skills? 4.1 Tracer Tracer Try to draw between the lines 4.2 Pencil Racer XL Pencil Racer XL Draw it, Play it, Save it, Share it! More vehicles! New art shapes! Easier to draw, easier to share! The XL is for Excellence! 4.2 Pup Idol Pup Idol Try to draw the balls to the right singer 1 Magic Touch Magic Touch Use the mouse to draw the symbols that you see on the balloons to pop them. Try to prevent the knights from reaching the castle! 1 Planet Cruncher Planet Cruncher Your goal is to smash together planets of the same type and collect gems. You have to capture groups of identical planets by drawing an area around... 1 Paint Wars Paint Wars Copy the examples before the opposing army does! 1 Karma Karma Try to draw your avatar to the middle of the screen and pick up the items inbetween. Dont hit your own lifeline. 1 Draw a Game Draw a Game You need to make sure your character can walk towards the letters. Draw lines so the character can walk. Each time you get hit by a flying object y... 4.2 Scribble Scribble Try to draw the lines as fast as possible. 4.2 Scribble 2 Scribble 2 Try to draw the lines as quickly as possible. 1 Paths Paths Draw the ball to the star. 1

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Sketch Pad

Sketch Pad

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Copy the example images!


Use the mouse to play this game.

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