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Barbie Games

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At Keygames, we have a large collection of online Barbie games for you to enjoy for free. We’ve got everything from dressing up games that feature Barbie at a festival, to career games where she tries her hand at being a vet. You can give Barbie a makeover, design clothing for her, or you can become Barbie’s dentist in games such as Baby Barbie Braces Doctor. If you’re looking for other fun fashion games, you can check out our makeover games and dress up games for more!

Barbie, a very short history

Barbie is one of the most famous children’s dolls ever made, and was invented in 1959 by Ruth Handler. Two years later, she came up with the idea for Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend. Ruth named Barbie after her daughter Barbara, and Ken after her son Kenneth. Before Barbie, dress-up dolls for children were usually baby dolls. Handler thought that children might also like to dress up a fashionable girl with a career in modelling, using trendy clothing for grown-ups.

Other Barbie Characters

Over the years, the Barbie universe has become immensely popular, and has come to include many other characters who are friends and family of Barbie. She has a number of siblings, including Skipper, Chelsea, and Stacie. They have cute pets such as Taffy and Blissa, a beautiful dreamhouse to live in, and all kinds of great accessories. Barbie also has lots of BFFs, such as Nikki, Summer, Daisy, Teresa, and Midge. They all star in a series of films, television series, vlogs, and games based on Barbie’s life.

Let’s start playing Barbie games!

Have a browse through our collection of fun games and pick the ones you like best. Barbie started her career as a fashion model, but since then she’s held lots of amazing jobs, from hairdresser to astronaut. She’s kept her love for fashion though: her closet is always full of beautiful clothing, and she’s always got an outfit for any occasion. In these games, you can practice your hairdressing skills, or try to pull off some great fashionista makeovers.