Service games


Service games

We've got a huge collection of great

service games

to try out, like Shopping Street, Youda Safari, Diner City, the Papa Louie series, and Penguin Diner! In these games you are a waiter or waitress, bartender, or kitchen staff at a bar or restaurant. In some games you might even have your own little shop. All kinds of visitors will walk into your diner. Can you get them a seat at the bar or at one of the tables? Wait for them to make up their minds and choose an item from the menu. Make sure the order is quickly made in the kitchen. Bring the food and drinks to your customer, and get the bill afterwards. The faster you work the more your customers will tip you. Don't be too slow though! If your service is poor, your customers will get fed up with waiting and may walk away without paying! In each level you will have to earn a certain amount of money in there


games. In some games you will be able to use this money to upgrade your store or your uniform and make everything look more classy. Have lots of fun playing waiter or bartender in these fun service games!