Escape Room Games


Escape Room Games

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Escape Room games are a big favorite among players who like mysteries and puzzles. Do you have a quick wit and an eye for detail? Will you be able to make a smooth escape by collecting clues, analyzing the puzzles and solving a series of challenging riddles? In these games, you’ve been locked into a room or another confined space of some sort. It could be a secret lab, a prison cell, an old military base, a basement, an ancient temple... The point is, you’re locked in and you need to find a way to escape. Search the room for clues and useful items that will help you break out of there. If you love challenging adventure games like these, be sure to check out our broader collection of escape games and adventure games as well.

Escape Room Games: solve puzzles and set yourself free

Part of the challenge in these escape room games is to search every corner of the room thoroughly and make sure you collect every tool you have at your disposal. Even a discarded safety pin or a small piece of string could come in handy. Look for hidden clues such as strange markings, odd patterns, or scraps of discarded paper that might help you crack codes and break open locked doors and drawers. The other half of the challenge is creative, because not every solution is straightforward. Sometimes you’ll have to figure out how to combine the items you find and McGyver a usable tool out of tape, paperclips, and other junk. Sometimes you just really have to think outside of the box to discover secrets you overlooked earlier.

Real Life Escape Rooms

Escape Room puzzle games span a range of genres, from paranormal detectives to survival and horror. They’re exciting and challenging, and it’s no wonder that the real-life equivalent is a popular outing for people in teams and small groups. However, it’s not uncommon for real-life escape room events to freak people out a little. After all, you can imagine how for some people being locked in a confined space with puzzles to solve under time pressure could cause panic and make the experience less enjoyable. Have you ever wanted to try playing an escape room challenge in real life, but are you a little apprehensive? With these games you can get acquainted with the concept and hone your puzzle-solving skills from the comfort of your room. Go on and give it a try, or check out one of our other brain training challenges to boost your insight and experience!