Bus Parking 3D World Bus Parking 3D World Drive through the city in this 3D game and try to find the parking spot for your bus. Follow the yellow arrows through town until you find the high... 5.1 Crazy Birds 2 Crazy Birds 2 Launch the crazy birds with the catapult and knock over the structures built by the pink pigs. The pigs are hiding, but can you hit them all with y... 4.4 Pou Halloween Clean Up Pou Halloween Clean Up Pou has taken a long time to get his Halloween costume ready. Its almost time for the Halloween party at Pous house, but the house is still such ... 4.6 Bread Pit Bread Pit Drop the slice of bread so that it tumbles through the kitchen. You have to get the slice of bread to fall into the toaster so that it will turn to... 4.4 Super Dad Super Dad Dad is not so good at taking care of the baby. Hes home alone, can you help him do a super job? Hes quite clumsy and not so smart, so you will ha... 4.4 Papa's Cafetaria Papa's Cafetaria In this game you work at Papa Louies hamburger restaurant. Can you grill the burgers and build the perfect burgers for your customers? Look at the... 4.9 Save The Fish Save The Fish These little poor fishes need your help! They felt into place and no one is taking care! Now drive your car and save the fishes! Find and push them... 4.5 Flappy Bird Angry Bird Flappy Bird Angry Bird Play this strange version of Flappy Bird! This time you must not dodge pipes, but destroy them! The game will get harder as time progresses. To pla... 1 Angry Single Bike Angry Single Bike Drive together with the Angry Birds on strange roads. Collect coins and reach the finish before time runes out. 4.8 Sugar Cannon Sugar Cannon In this physics game you must feed the hungry monsters with your Sugar Canon. Shoot candy to the correct monsters. Beware not to shoot friendly mon... 4.6 Devil's Leap 2 Devil's Leap 2 in Devils Leap 2 you are the devil and your goal is to destroy everything and everyone! You can choose between think and destroy mode. Sounds coo... 1 Bad Piggies HD 3.4 Bad Piggies HD 3.4 The Bad Piggies of Angry Birds use your ingenuity to build a vehicle that can reach the finish line. 4.7 Nature Strikes Back Nature Strikes Back Mother nature strikes back! Big companies keep polluting the world, and mother nature has enough of it. They wont stop, so destroy them with viole... 1 Anger On The Street Anger On The Street There is danger on the streets! In this game political satire and Angry Birds will be mixed. You have to shoot politicians sitting on their golden ... 4.4 Artillery Toys Artillery Toys Do your parents say dont do this often? Well. Youll do it anyway! Kick your toys around the room and destroy the buildings in Angry Birds style... 4.6

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Angry Birds Heroic Rescue

Angry Birds Heroic Rescue

4.4 854


In this Angry Birds game your sweety is threatened by the Bad Piggies. You get even more angry then you already were and start attacking! Aim the red Angry Birds towards the green piggies and defeat them all!


Play this game with your mouse.

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