Reach The Core Reach The Core Can you collect as many precious materials as possible with your drill? Try to get to the core of the planet to collect the plasma. To get there, y... 4.1 Disney Christmas Party Disney Christmas Party The Disney princesses Elsa and Anna and their friends are hosting a Disney sleepover party. At this party the princesses are having fun giving each... 4.1 Zero 1 Zero 1 Can you play this circular game of pong and keep the little white ball in the circle? Try to grab all the pips while you play. You can use the pips... 4.2 Pou Kissing Pou Kissing Pou is out on a date with his girlfriend, Girl Pou. Can you help Pou and his girlfriend kiss during their date? Make sure nobody catches you kissin... 4.2 Angry Birds Stella Angry Birds Stella The funny war between the birds and the pigs is going on! Greedy Bad Princess and her powerful piggies are about to destroy this little birds home.... 4.2 Skeleton 2 Skeleton 2 Skeleton 2 is a wonderful physics shooter game that you need to launch skeletons in the air. Shoot the skeletons out of the cannon and break all th... 4.2 Spring Ninja 2 Spring Ninja 2 In Spring Ninja 2 you must make ninja jumps and take out enemies with your ninja shurikens. Perform ninja jumps and collect all hidden scrolls to a... 4.3 Angry Birds Rush Rush Rush Angry Birds Rush Rush Rush Choose your favorite character from Angry Birds, bird or pig and drive a fragile vehicle. Keep your balance while collecting candy for a landscape ... 4.4 Famaze Famaze The Mad King has turned all creatures into monsters and rutabagas. He wants to use the rutabagas for his pudding recipe. Now you must delve into hi... 1 Demolition Inc. Demolition Inc. Blow up buildings in Demolition Inc. Place dynamite in strategic locations and detonate it. Make sure no one gets hurt. 4 Artillery Rush 2 Artillery Rush 2 In Artillery Rush 2 you will open fire once more. Take out enemy soldiers in a Worms / Angry Birds World War 2 game. Dont hold back and use your f... 4.2 Da Vinci Cannon 3 Da Vinci Cannon 3 Inspired by Crush the Castle and Angry Birds you have to shoot canonballs to the castles and destroy them. Calculate the angle and power and de... 1 Anger On The Street Anger On The Street There is danger on the streets! In this game political satire and Angry Birds will be mixed. You have to shoot politicians sitting on their golden ... 1 Artillery Toys Artillery Toys Do your parents say dont do this often? Well. Youll do it anyway! Kick your toys around the room and destroy the buildings in Angry Birds style... 1 Gemollection Level Pack Gemollection Level Pack In this game you have to roll the gem to the treasure chests. Use the boxes, chains and other elements to guide the gem. Rules of gravity apply! 1

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Angry Birds Heroic Rescue

Angry Birds Heroic Rescue

4.2 892


In this Angry Birds game your sweety is threatened by the Bad Piggies. You get even more angry then you already were and start attacking! Aim the red Angry Birds towards the green piggies and defeat them all!


Play this game with your mouse.

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