Gravity White Ball Gravity White Ball Jump up and down with the white ball and try to dodge all the deadly spikes. Roll across the floor or along the ceiling to find a clear path. Switc... 4.1 Color Addiction 2 Color Addiction 2 Color Switch is back with even more challenging levels to play. Can you jump through all the coloured rings with the ball? You can only pass throug... 4.4 Neo Jump Neo Jump Jump over all the obstacles with the little neon block. The further you get, the more challenging the obstacles will become. Jump over taller and s... 3.9 Fuel Frenzy Fuel Frenzy In this game you work at the gas station. Can you refuel the cars and sell items from the tank station shop? Try to serve your customers as quickly... 4.1 KubeX KubeX Can you find the block that has a slightly different colour in each level? You have 60 seconds to get as far as you can. As you play, more blocks w... 4.1 School Bus Parking Frenzy School Bus Parking Frenzy Drive the school bus through town and find the parking and pick-up stops you need to visit. Make sure you dont run out of petrol on the way. If yo... 4.2 Big Gift For Dad Big Gift For Dad Can you choose a lovely tie to give to dad on fathers day? Choose the pattern and the colour and a matching tie pin. You can also choose the colou... 4.2 Drop Me Drop Me Pop the bubbles to drop the babies into the right coloured pipes. Match the babys bear costume to the colours of the pipes. Can you help the babie... 1 Fast Circles Fast Circles Drop the coloured balls onto the spinning disc. Can you drop each ball at the right moment? Try to hit the part of the disc with the matching colou... 4.1 Flocky Birds Flocky Birds Ok, one more version of Flappy Bird. This time it has a multiplayer mode! You can invite up to 4 friends to play with. Dodge the walls or defeat them. 4.2 Grumpy Beaks Grumpy Beaks Flappy Flap! Heres another Flappy game Grumpy Beaks. Its almost the same as Flappy Bird, but with five birds. Get them all through the pipes sa... 4.2 Flappy Bird 3D Flappy Bird 3D Flappy Bird now in 3D! This is the most advanced version of Flappy Bird today! Fly the wings of Flappy and experience it all in first person. Fly t... 3.9 Devil's Leap 2 Devil's Leap 2 in Devils Leap 2 you are the devil and your goal is to destroy everything and everyone! You can choose between think and destroy mode. Sounds coo... 1 Cheese Barn Level Pack Cheese Barn Level Pack Help the hungry mouse to get his favorite piece of cheese. The only troublesome thing is.. its in a difficult to reach place. Move blocks to creat... 4.2 Heavenly Baby Care Heavenly Baby Care Manage your own heavenly baby daycare. Drag the babys to the beds, choose some toys and at the end of the day return them safely to their parents.... 4.2

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Angry Birds Heroic Rescue

Angry Birds Heroic Rescue

4.1 883


In this Angry Birds game your sweety is threatened by the Bad Piggies. You get even more angry then you already were and start attacking! Aim the red Angry Birds towards the green piggies and defeat them all!


Play this game with your mouse.

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