Jumping Light Jumping Light Jump up with the little ball. Your ball is bouncing over a number of neon bars. These bars will vanish every now and then. Try to jump to another b... 4 Pop Up! Pop Up! Jump up with the little ball and dodge the moving platforms. Fall and jump at the right moments. How high will you be able to get before you hit an... Wonder Brick Wonder Brick Click to the right side of the wonder brick to make it jump up to the right or to the left. Can you guide the block past all the obstacles? How hig... 4.2 Beneath The Trolls Beneath The Trolls In this platform game Beneath The Trolls you must make it to the surface. Jump platforms and shoot down trolls. Use WASD and your mouse to move. 4.2 Polar Bob Polar Bob This bear is going for gold! Launch him up the air, theres so much out there! Grab many coins and become the richest polar bear around. 4.2 Jumping Box Remake Jumping Box Remake Help the orange box in this fun online game. Help him through the 42 different levels and reach the finish safely. Do not forget that the number of... 1 Jumping Box Jumping Box In jumping box you have to jump with a box to clear the levels. Be sure you get your box on the right spot, to clear a level! 1 Cloud Climber 2 Cloud Climber 2 Climb clouds and get as high as possible. How high can you get? 1 Lunnix Fish Hunter Lunnix Fish Hunter Help the jumping pinguin Lunnix catch fish for his big boss! 1 Robot Chicken Robot Chicken Jump up and collect as many items as possible. 1 Sheep Campaign Sheep Campaign Jump up, collect stars, change into whirlwind and defeat enemies. A wild sheep! 1 Crazy Nut Crazy Nut Hold down the spacebar and see how high you can get. You can also play this game and see what kind of nutty noises this little nutl makes. Do you h... 4.2 Jump Jump 2 Jump Jump 2 Jump into the air to catch as much fruit as possible. Watch out for the pink fruit. 1 Hip Hop & Bop Hip Hop & Bop Help Pikachu to the top of the watertower! But be aware of birds and any other kind of flyers! 1 Jumping Monkey Jumping Monkey Try to reach the top of the tree by jumping up . 1
Ice Age 3

Ice Age 3

4.2 100


Help Scratch reach the top as fast as possible while collecting acorns.


Play this game with the mouse.

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