Planet Explorer Planet Explorer Jump from planet to planet. Jump at the right moment as you circle the planets to hop to the next one. How far will you be able to travel? It gets ... 1 Froggly Jump Froggly Jump Jump on the platforms as they slide by. Try to get the frog to jump as far as you can. if you miss a platform by jumping too late or too early, you... 4.6 Escape Escape Jump and climb up to the top! It is the only way out of this online game. Can you escape from this game? 1 Nemonuri Tower Nemonuri Tower Climb this dangerous tower to as high as you can. Every floor is tougher and you will be rewarded with awards. 1 Feather Gear Feather Gear Make sure you get as far as you can in this quitte beautifull game, mind your energy, and watch out for obstacles. 1 Frog Jump Frog Jump Help the frog to reach as high as he can. Wait for the perfect moment to jump and reach the other platform. 1 Little Loki Little Loki Escape the lava! Jump up and find the exit. 1 Enigma Space Enigma Space Jump into the vast deep space.Explore the depth, and see for yourself how far you can go.Defend yourself from evil aliens that are luring in th... 1 Sheep Campaign Sheep Campaign Jump up, collect stars, change into whirlwind and defeat enemies. A wild sheep! 1 Pet Pick Up Pet Pick Up Collect as much toys before your lives run out. Climb and jump wherever you can. Avoid other animals in the room though, or youll lose your stuff. 4.6 Beach Jump Beach Jump Jump as high as you can. 1 Communist in Space Communist in Space Help the astronaut to the moon and back. 1 Kumagoro Kumagoro Collect all carrots and finish the level. 1 Flying Cat Flying Cat Help the kitten reach Heavens door. 1 Mission to Neptune Mission to Neptune Exercise your bouncing powers and collect symbols to free your friend from his alien cage. 1
Ice Age 3

Ice Age 3

8.6 99


Help Scratch reach the top as fast as possible while collecting acorns.


Play this game with the mouse.

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