Nemonuri TowerNemonuri TowerClimb this dangerous tower to as high as you can. Every floor is tougher and you will be rewarded with awards....8Escapin BaconEscapin BaconThis brave piggie does a daring escape from the bacon factory. He's doing well to fly out by jumping from platform to platform. But some platforms wil...6Ninja JumpNinja JumpThis sneaky ninja is trying to find his way up a wall filled with sharp spikes. Do not hit them! Click to make this ninja jump up. Grab the coins so that6Pop Up!Pop Up!Jump up with the little ball and dodge the moving platforms. Fall and jump at the right moments. How high will you be able to jump? Good luck!Perfect EarthPerfect EarthClimb into the trees and along the vines in the jungle and explore all the jungle paths to look for discarded trash. Can you clean up the jungle and g...8Geometry DashGeometry DashJump over all the deadly spikes with the little block in geometry dash. Can you avoid all the obstacles and clear the dangerous jumps? You can land on the6Miner JumpMiner JumpJump up with the miner and avoid hitting any of the monsters that lurk deep underground. Jump over the monsters with a single jump. Use a double jump to re4Froggly JumpFroggly JumpJump on the platforms as they slide by. Try to get the frog to jump as far as you can. if you miss a platform by jumping too late or too early, you wi...6Jumping LightJumping LightJump up with the little ball. Your ball is bouncing over a number of neon bars. These bars will vanish every now and then. Try to jump to another bar quick6Box Jump UpBox Jump UpThe objective of this game is to jump as high as possible with the little yellow block. Jump from floor to floor with the little yellow block, but make sur6


Help Scratch reach the top as fast as possible while collecting acorns.


Play this game with the mouse.

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