Wonder Brick Wonder Brick Click to the right side of the wonder brick to make it jump up to the right or to the left. Can you guide the block past all the obstacles? How hig... 4.9 Amazing Sheriff Amazing Sheriff Use your left mouse button or spacebar to let the sheriff jump from planet to planet in order to arrest aliens. You can double jump while in the ai... 1 Your Own Box Your Own Box Jump as high as you can! Collect all the power ups and avoid the dangerous pins. You can jump on enemies to defeat them. Dont forget to buy upgrades! 1 Flying Cat Flying Cat A flying cat in a simple game. Avoid the stormy clouds! Thats it! Move the cat and collect all the sweets to get higher. 1 Dragoniada Dragoniada Dragoniada is a funny vertical action platform game where a small dragon is walking up to the top of the rock. You must jump from platform to platf... 1 Raccoon Jump Raccoon Jump Jump onto platforms in this online game Raccoon Jump! Jump higher and higher while collecting fruits and bonuses! Collect all power-ups while avoid... 5.1 Popo and Bobo Popo and Bobo Always wanted to work in a circus? Its hard teamwork! Help eachother jump up and grab stuff. 1 Pet Pick Up Pet Pick Up Collect as much toys before your lives run out. Climb and jump wherever you can. Avoid other animals in the room though, or youll lose your stuff. 1 Jump Jim Jump Jump Jim Jump Climb up and gather as many tools as possible. 1 Tribal Hop Tribal Hop Try to hop as high as possible on top of the sacred temple steps. 1 Flying Pig Flying Pig Jump from cloud to cloud and collect all the items on your way to the top for a higher score 1 Bouncer Bouncer Collect all the stars to proceed to the next level! Collect diamonds for extra points! 1 Kumagoro Kumagoro Collect all carrots and finish the level. 1 Jumpy Jumpy Jumpy Jumpy Try to collect all food without hitting the animals. 5.1 Falling Star Falling Star Collect the stars to boost up your energy and dont let your star fall off the screen. 1
Ice Age 3

Ice Age 3

8.6 99


Help Scratch reach the top as fast as possible while collecting acorns.


Play this game with the mouse.

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