Volley Summos Volley Summos Hit the ball over the volleyball net with your sumo wrestler. Rotate and ride your segway hoverboard across the beach and jump to hit the ball. Do ... 4.1 Javelin Rio 2016 Javelin Rio 2016 Throw the javelin as far as you can to win gold in this athletics event in the Rio Olympic Games! Take a run up and gain as much momentum as you ca... 4.4 Shot Put Rio 2016 Shot Put Rio 2016 Spin around and throw the heavy ball as fast as you can in the Rio Olympic Games shot put event. Make sure your timing is perfect to cover the maxi... 4.3 Equestrian Jumping Rio 2016 Equestrian Jumping Rio 2016 Race across the track as fast as you can on horseback. Gain enough speed to leap over the different hurdles. Make sure your horse clears them all. ... 4.2 Swimming Rio 2016 Swimming Rio 2016 Win the Rio 2016 swimming race. Dive into the pool and press the arrows to swim through the water. Turn at the end of the pool and head back as qui... 4.2 Synchronized Swimming Rio 2016 Synchronized Swimming Rio 2016 To make your synchronized swimming team perform well at the Rio Olympic Games, you will have to hit the dot right in the middle each time. Can you ... 3.8 Football Rio 2016 Football Rio 2016 Score 5 points to win the football championship at the Rio Olympic Games! Tackle your opponents to get the ball. Run to the goal, pass the ball bet... 4.1 Shooting Rio 2016 Shooting Rio 2016 Shoot the clay pigeons during the shooting event at the Rio Olympics. Aim carefully with your rifle and hit all the clay pigeons. Be sure to hit al... 3.8 Running Rio 2016 Running Rio 2016 Speed ahead of all your opponents in this track running race at the Rio Olympic Games. Run fast and try to stay ahead as your cross the finish line... 4.3 Beach Volleyball Rio 2016 Beach Volleyball Rio 2016 Serve the ball and catch the return. Pass the ball to your teammate and smash at the right moment and speed to defeat your opponents. Win the 2016 ... 4.3 Hurdles Rio 2016 Hurdles Rio 2016 Run across the track and clear all the hurdles. Gain enough speed in between jumps to stay ahead of all your opponent. Can you finish first in this... 4.3 Handball Rio 2016 Handball Rio 2016 Play handball at the Olympic Games. Run across the field and pass the ball to your teammates. Steal the ball from your opponents and throw it into ... 4.2 Relay Rio 2016 Relay Rio 2016 Run across the track and pass the baton to your teammates during the Rio Olympics relay race. Try to lose as little speed as you can during the tra... 4.1 Rythmic Gymnastics Rio 2016 Rythmic Gymnastics Rio 2016 You are a gymnast at the Rio Olympic Games. The rhythmic gymnastics event is all about grace and moving with the music. React quickly and hit the s... 3.9 Top Archer Top Archer Shoot arrows at the target with your archer and try to impress your audience. All the different members in the audience will have come to see somet... 4.1

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100 Meter Sprint

100 Meter Sprint

4.2 1.988


Try to win the 100 meter sprint.


Use the arrow keys to play this game.

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