Tank Crusader Tank Crusader Drive around on the planet and defend yourself against the enemy drones. You have to dodge the bullets and lasers and stay alive long enough to def... 4.1 Wrath of Zombies Wrath of Zombies Shoot all the zombies. More and more will appear and come after you. Run away from them and keep shooting! Dont let them catch you! Upgrade your c... 4.2 Shoot the other tanks in this funny MMO shooter game. Drive around with your tank and shoot the little blocks and triangles first to gather up poin... 4.4 Catapon Catapon Catapon is a great Angry Birds style game with 3D effects. Your aim in this amazing game is to use your giant catapult and destroy the black vampir... 4.2 The Explosive Squad The Explosive Squad In this online shooting game your city is under attack! Shoot down as many strange creatures as you can. During your battle parachutes are falling ... 4.2 Revenge of Robots Revenge of Robots Robots are out to destroy your city! But you will not allow that. Shoot them down while defending your city. Dodge their attacks and prove youre a... 4.1 Quantum Zombies Quantum Zombies Hope is lost when a zombie outbreak devestated the worlds population. A quirky yet brilliant professor developed a timemachine with the hope of cha... 4.2 Escape To Hell Escape To Hell You are locked in a dungeon and all you want is to escape from it! Use your hamer to destroy closed doors and dangerous enemies. Good luck!WASD o... 4.1 Dragon Princess Dragon Princess Golden Duel Golden Duel Defeat all dangerous bandits in the shootout of the Wild West! Fill your gun with bullets, dodge all those of your enemy and shoot them down with e... 4.2 Flocky Birds Flocky Birds Ok, one more version of Flappy Bird. This time it has a multiplayer mode! You can invite up to 4 friends to play with. Dodge the walls or defeat them. 4.2 Sheriff Lombardo Sheriff Lombardo You are a sheriff of a small town and you must defend the bank against bandits. Shoot them down to protect the precious gold. 1 Thing Thing Arena Classic Thing Thing Arena Classic Build your own character, choose the perfect weapon and survive for as long as you can against endless hordes of enemies. Do you have what it takes... 4.4 Cyber Chaser Cyber Chaser Run, jump, duck and shoot in this super addicting game Cyber Chaser! Complete each mission and collect all the guns. This action game looks good too! 4 World War 3 World War 3 It is the chaos of World War 3. You dont really care, you have your own adventure. Together with your gun you take on against enemies. Jump into v... 3.9

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Thing Thing Arena Pro

Thing Thing Arena Pro

PEGI-3 PEGI 3   
4.3 364


Play this epic sequel to Thing Thing in Thing Thing Arena Pro! Create your own character and elminate every enemy you encounter. Steal their weapons and survive!


Play this game with your mouse and keyboard.
A, D - Run Left / Right
Mouse - Aim and Fire.
W - Jump
R - Reload
E - Change Weapon
F - Open Door
P - Pause
M - Toggle Map

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