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Shooting Games

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Load your guns and take off the safety in our selection of cool gun shooting games. We've got a great offer of realistic hunting games, funny duck hunter episodes, sniper simulator adventures, multiplayer arena challenges, and war games just for you! Whether you're trekking through the rough fields and forests with your rifle in search of big game, single-handedly taking down a crime syndicate, or trying to avoid getting hit by enemy soldiers as you break into the military base on a top secret mission, we've got plenty of slick action games for adventurers and trigger-happy thrill-seekers!

Amazing gun shooting games and first-person shooters

The classic arcade shooting game really took off with the development of 3D graphics for the games industry with titles like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. These were the first video games in which you really see the game environment from your character's perspective. Right in front of you, at the bottom of the screen, you can see your character's hands and the guns and other weapons they are holding. Since then, 3D shooting games and gun sims have become more and more sophisticated, realistic and immersive. Try not to jump when the mercenaries, soldiers, and terrifying supernatural enemies lurking around the corners of each corridor leap out at you! Make your way through the maze-like military bases, docks, and forests while you collect ammunition, first-aid kits, and other supplies essential to your survival.

Free shooting games with cool guns and upgrades

If you're fascinated by weapons, you'll love the many games in which you can work your way through different grades of equipment and assemble the ultimate weapon for any task. Most gun games will allow you to save up points or cash which you can use to unlock increasingly powerful and precise weapons. Beginners can get in some target practice at the shooting range before they head out into the field. Work your way up from a handgun or pistol with relatively few bullets to a destructive machine-gun, or even anti-tank weapons. Make sure you have enough ammunition in your kit and launch a deadly attack on your enemies!