Nervous Bot Nervous Bot Can you get the robot to the exit in every level? There are all sorts of unstated rules you have to stick to, otherwise your robot will self-destru... 4.1 Super Police Pursuit 3D Super Police Pursuit 3D Can you destroy all the other cars on the road by bashing into them with your police car? Grind against the cars to break them, or slam them into t... 4.4 Colorful Colorful Your mission in this funny challenging platform game is to navigate the little cube through the dreary area and color some blocks. Hop into color p... 4.1 Minericos Minericos In this fireboy & watergirl game you must lead the mine workers out of the mines. They can only escape if they help each other. You control both ch... 4.1 Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Click on all the monsters that appear on the screen to destroy them! Get enough money to buy upgrades that will make you even stronger! 4.1 Justin Lovetester Justin Lovetester Test your love with the Justin Love Tester! Famous Justins are participating in this test, just for you! Test your love with Justin Bieber, Justin... 3.9 Skincraft Skincraft This Minecraft application is called Skincraft. With this tool you can create your own textures for Minecraft. Its a great tool! If you play Minec... 4.3 Shine Shine In this platform game you have to move through a dungeon. You have a shiny orb with you. But it must not touch anything or the game is over. 1 Obama Hellboy 2 Obama Hellboy 2 The evil Prince Nuada has evil plans to awaken the Golden Army to rule over the human race. Help Obama defeat this evil before its too late. 4.1 Douchebag Beach Club Douchebag Beach Club This guy is training hard to score some girls. Make sure his muscles are tight and his hair and clothes look sharp. Every girl will fall for him no... 4.4 Rhino Rink Rhino Rink Rhino Rink is a fun colorful game. Drag a rhino into a direction and take out many others. By using a bomb youll get 3x bonuspoints. Rhino Rink ca... 4.1 Spellsword Spellsword In this RPG adventure game you play the the hero that the city needs. Use the arrow keys to move and press enter to interact. 1 Rise Rise Search for answers on all your questions in this survival battle rpg game. Fight against different enemies and use unique skills. There are 11 play... 4.1 Soom Soom The end is just the beginning. Bend reality by folding your environment. Try to avoid enemies in the various challenging levels and collect pieces... 1 Light Quest Light Quest In this retro platform game light quest you better not run out of light. You need it as a weapon and to lighten up the dark areas. If you only br... 1

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Firecrackers Game

Firecrackers Game

4.2 1.453


Light the fireworks at the right time.


Use the arrow keys to play this game.

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