Bullet Phaze Bullet Phaze Travel through the different levels with the pixel and try to rescue your friends. Change colours to avoid deadly obstacles and bullets. Can you co... 4.5 Specter Knight Specter Knight Can you help the magic knight find the way through the many floors of the dungeon and defeat the evil mage Maji? You will have to kill many of his ... 4.2 Hacker's Escape Hacker's Escape Youre locked up in a room with a broken computer. Look around and search for items that can come in useful. Can you load the printer and hook the ... 4.3 Strike Force Kitty 2 Strike Force Kitty 2 Strike Force Kitty 2 is a great adventure game that youll love to play. Cats and foxes are fighting at this time, and you must help cats to beat f... 5.2 Dino Meat Hunt Dino Meat Hunt The two dinos are hungry and they need to go out hunting for meat. In this amazing 2 player game, you and your friend will use your puzzle solving ... 4.5 Run 3 Run 3 Run and jump through the universe of Run 3. The successor of Run and Run 2 Run. Run, skate, float and jump through an endless blue tunnel in space.... 5 Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Choose one of four classes of mages and start your adventure in the Tower of the Archmage! Create your own spells, defeat foes in turn-based combat... 1 Hot Air Balloon Search & Find Hot Air Balloon Search & Find You were finally in the sky for the hot air balloon festival. But after a while an unusual problem happened. Now you must find items to continue yo... 4.2 Steam King Steam King Help the King fight against evil monsters through dangerous territory. Arm yourself to the teeth and destroy the bad to protect your beloved kingdo... 4.4 Loot Clicker Loot Clicker Collect your loot in Loot Clicker. A RPG game with no nonsense. 1 Tetronimo Laboratory Tetronimo Laboratory Use Tetris to escape from this laboratory! Its a platform game with Tetris elements. Play Tetris like you have never done before. 4.4 Famaze Famaze The Mad King has turned all creatures into monsters and rutabagas. He wants to use the rutabagas for his pudding recipe. Now you must delve into hi... 1 Spider Stickman Spider Stickman This Spider Stickman has the same abilities as Spiderman! Shoot a web and swing from platform to platform. How far can you get? 4.5 Oodlegobs Oodlegobs No, they are not rabbits, but these cats can multiply with great speed. You will need them all to reach dificult places in the game. Many obstacles... 1 Braveheart Braveheart Search for the holy grail that has been protected by the Great Dragon for centuries. Fight against powerful enemies and earn valuable rewards that ... 4.5

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Firecrackers Game

Firecrackers Game

7.6 1.451


Light the fireworks at the right time.


Use the arrow keys to play this game.

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