Mahjong Everyday Mahjong Everyday Play a new Mahjong board every day in this fun game. You can also review and play the past weeks boards. Can you combine all the free tiles to mak... 4.2 Duck and Eggs Duck and Eggs The duck is running from side to side while laying eggs. Can you catch all the eggs in your basket before they drop onto the floor and break? Try n... 4 Cuboy Quest Cuboy Quest Get ready to play a super puzzle platform game with Cuboy Quest! Your mission in this game is to shoot the targets and unlock the exit door to get ... 4.1 Command & Control Command & Control Fight the terrorist threat in the Middle East in this strategy action game. The game is based on Command & Conquer, but in Tower Defence style. Pla... 4.3 Skate On Top Skate On Top Use your skateboard to jump from platform to platform while collecting coins. 1 Sidetracks Sidetracks Change the tracks in this fun train game. Make sure to pick up all the goods and deliver them at the stations. 4.3 Amazing Sheriff Amazing Sheriff Use your left mouse button or spacebar to let the sheriff jump from planet to planet in order to arrest aliens. You can double jump while in the ai... 3.9 Clumsy Robber Clumsy Robber Help this clumsy thief recover a stolen diamond. The diamond was stolen by the mob. And now this thief has the task to return it to the National Mu... 4.3 Above Average Guy Above Average Guy This boy is stealing the show. Perform awesome stunts and keep the public happy. Read the hints carefully. Some levels looks are easier than they l... 1 Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled 3 In Bejeweled 3 you will discover new ways to play Bejeweld. Swap jewels to match 3 of a kind. Fill the row at the bottom of the game to proceed to ... 3.7 TNT Zombies Arsenal TNT Zombies Arsenal The Zombies are back and ready to be blown up again. Use your new TNT and place it strategically to blow the zombies apart. 4.3 Candy Crusher Candy Crusher This little candy monster thought he could eat all the sweets from candyland that he wanted. But hes in for a surprise! Because every step he make... 4.1 Pups Bejeweled Pups Bejeweled Make outfits for these cute animals in Pups Bejeweled Dress Up, a fun three-in-a-row bejweled challenge with hours of online pleasure. Patty wants ... 4.2 Thanks For Playing Thanks For Playing Go back in time with this paradoxical online platform game. Are you ready to correct all the mistakes you made in your previous life? Then play thi... 1 Zombie Grinder 2 Zombie Grinder 2 Grab your car and crash through hordes of zombies. Upgrade your wagon to drive harder and faster though each zombie. The big group of zombies looks... 4.1
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Help Crash and Eddy steal Scrat's acorns.


Use the mouse to play this game.

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