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Play this Minecraft Clone and discover the fantastic open world of Minecraft. Mine Clone has a vast landscape with many myesteries. Mine Craft is a fun adventure game for young and old.

To play this game you need the Unity player.


Play this game with your mouse.
WASD to move.
Mouse to build or destroy.
E for inventory.
Space to jump.
Scroll to change weapons.

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Menuki De Silva +0 :|i guess ill just move some moving boxes out of the way and "try" to play real mincraft.....bye guys!(highfive)(highfive)
Menuki De Silva +0 it dosent work  and I cant even play real minecraft!!! farewell minecraft forutune......
jamie.schuurman.7 +0 bij wel hoor werk het
Brisa Islas +0 not working hate it
brad475 +1 Not working at all!
AnaLovey +1 WORK YOU...umm...thing ._.
ranin115 +2 not working
Cygox +1 not working
bradley15 +1 not working
zevolt +0 i just build a castle
stanely +1 not working
wayde5063 +2 so cool I exploded!!!!!!
yolo2232 +2 not working
AbigailRocks +0 I love it ppl