Must Escape The MuseumMust Escape The MuseumYou were visiting a museum, but it was so boring that you fell asleep. Now you wake up, but you are all alone. Search for clues and solve all puzzles ...8Beauty and the Beast: Belle's AdventureBeauty and the Beast: Belle's AdventureRelive the Disney fairytale in the free online game Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Adventure!8.3Escape from 26Escape from 26Escape from 26 is an adventure game set in a strange world filled with creepy cages. The game combines classic elements from escape games with beautif...6Must Escape The Clock TowerMust Escape The Clock TowerEscape from the clock tower! After years you were finally visiting your grandma. She has this old clocktower in her street. You got around to visit it...8CityIncCityIncPlay the fun idle city building game CityInc online for free!6Polar EscapePolar EscapeYou are trapped in a South Pole station. Try to escape as quickly as possible before your time is up. Search for clues to solve puzzles and use items ...4Money ClickerMoney ClickerMoney Clicker - Buy businesses and sell stocks to get richer and richer in this free online clicker game!10Marge Saw GameMarge Saw GameThe evil puppet of Saw has kidnapped Marge Simpson. What now?! Marge has to play his evil game to get out of this. Can you manage to save Marge from t...8Ninja Turtles Deck'd OutNinja Turtles Deck'd OutSkate through the city with your favourite teenage mutant ninja turtle. Choose whether you want to be Leonardo in the blue with two katana, Michelange...4.1Ugly AmericansUgly AmericansLife of Mark is never ordinary. He helps robots, aliens and other monsters that live in the big city. But first he needs to escape from the handcuffs ...8.1


Help SpongeBob Squarepants and his friends create a murder mystery detective play at the theatre. Make sure your audience stays engaged by reacting to what happens on stage, and by solving the puzzles to help the plot along. Try to gain a five-star rating from your audience by keeping them entertained. All your favourite SpongeBob SquarePants characters make an appearance in this silly play. Have fun playing

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