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Do you enjoy a scare every now and then? On this page, we’ve collected the best horror games for you to enjoy. So, if you’re fascinated by iconic figures of the horror genre, such as mummies, zombies, vampires and werewolves, have a browse through our collection and take your pick. We’ve got a wide variety of games to choose from. You can fight monsters and try to escape from them, or become one and hunt for humans to eat. Can’t find the game you were after? Don’t forget to check our Scary games, too!

Games in the Horror Genre

Horror is a genre in fiction and movies that plays on the audience’s fears to give viewers and readers a thrill. These films and books use scary images, creepy sounds and music, and build up a disquieting atmosphere to make you feel uneasy. Horror often makes use of social fears, such as encountering truly evil people, becoming a victim of malevolent supernatural forces, or being left all by yourself in a dark and unknown place. The genre has its own iconic figures as well, from memorable classics such as Frankenstein’s creature, Count Dracula, and the Devil, to more modern monsters such as Pennywise the evil clown, killer doll Chucky, and the faceless Slenderman.

Survival Horror Games

One popular subgenre of horror in gaming is survival horror, an action-adventure format in which you have limited means to survive a terrible supernatural event. You might be trapped in a haunted mansion, for instance, or find yourself a lone survivor of the zombie Apocalypse. In our collection of zombie games, for instance, you have to gather food, medical supplies, and weapons while protecting your base from the undead. Or check out our collection of {Five Nights at Freddy’s}(tag: 811) games, a popular game series in which you have to survive five nights in a haunted party venue full of deadly automatons.

More Horror Games

From the unsettling ambience of iconic horror films to the more light-hearted mysteries of our Scooby-Doo ghost-hunting games and our Halloween games collection, you’re sure to find plenty of hair-raising thrills at Keygames, so take your time to explore our related game pages… if you dare!