Fighting games


Fighting Games

Play the best online fighting games

Keygames offers a wide variety of amazing fighting games. Battle your way through waves of enemies of all kinds. Demonstrate your martial art skills in one of the many amazing games in our collection and prove that you are the most talented warrior. Travel to different places and beat the assailants who dare to oppose you. Join a street fight and play dirty, or enter a fighting tournament to face vicious warriors and earn the victor’s prize. How many hits can you take before you fall? Some fighting games challenge players with continuous waves of deadly enemies. Try to survive as long as you can in these thrilling games.

Beat your opponents in hand-to-hand combat

Weapons such as spears and swords provide an advantage against your opponents, but a true warrior can also best their enemies with just their bare hands. Let your battle spirit take control as you beat your opponents into submission in one of our amazing karate games. Lace up your gloves, fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee in one of our popular boxing games as you embrace the cheering crowds gathered around the boxing ring. Let your punches and kicks tell the story of your fighting experience.

Play fighting games for free without downloads

At Keygames, we offer all of our games for free. You’ll never have to pay to access these amazing and challenging fighting games. In addition, you don't need to download any files to your computer to play. You can access our games instantly via your web browser without having to wait for any downloads to complete. Our collection is full of exciting fighting games waiting for you to explore. Watch your back and face your opponents head on. Don't forget to keep your guard up, because you never know where the next hit will come from!