Third Kingdom Third Kingdom Build a kingdom with your general, Liu Bei. Can you construct enough battle turrets to keep the enemy army out? Build farms to increase your wealth... 4.4 Painted Eggs Painted Eggs Remember the colors and how they painted. 4 Bubble Hamsters Bubble Hamsters In Bubble Hamsters this cute, little hamster needs your help to recover his sunflower seeds that are stuck in colourful bubbles. Shoot your bubble ... 4.3 The Explosive Squad The Explosive Squad In this online shooting game your city is under attack! Shoot down as many strange creatures as you can. During your battle parachutes are falling ... 4.3 Brainy's Haunted House Brainy's Haunted House 4 Sweet Floyd Sweet Floyd Sweet Floyd isnt pink, but he sure is sweet! In this game you must press buttons to activate or adjust them. Make sure that Floyd reaches the end ... 1 Seven Seas Solitaire Seven Seas Solitaire In Seven Seas Solitaire you must save your loved one from the hands of the pirates. Play this online card game now! Remove the cards that are one h... 4 Be Ready Be Ready Dangerous fruit ninjas have captured the royal family! Search for the King and Queen and be ready to fight against the evil attacks of the enemies... 4.2 Gilmo The Inner Self Gilmo The Inner Self Help Gilmo make it through the different levels of this artistic platform puzzle game. Morph into other objects in order to reach new areas. 4.2 Circus Restaurant Circus Restaurant This lady is working as a waitress in a Circus restaurant. She needs a helping hand in serving customers. Are you the right person? Get working and... 4 This Is Not A Minigame This Is Not A Minigame This is not a minimalis game, or is it? Its up to you to find out by playing this platform adventure game. 4.2 Dream Factory Dream Factory Go on a journey inside the surreal world of this strange adventure game. This time around you are stuck inside a strange factory. What are they mak... 4 Enola Prelude Enola Prelude This challenging turn based RPG game sends you on an epic adventure across the land of Enola. Fight against a wild variety of enemies and bosses, c... 4.2 One Click Ninja One Click Ninja One Click Ninja is an exciting platform game that you play with a single button! Let your ninja bounce to avoid spikes, rolling barrels and other o... 4 Transmorpher Transmorpher Find the way out of this strange laboratory. Use your skills and abilities to change shape. Morph into the other strange creatures in this laborato... 4.2
Bubble Trouble 5

Bubble Trouble 5

4.2 231


You gonna try to shoot bubbles, but make sure they won't hit you cause they will kill you.


Use the spacebar to shoot a line and use the arrows to move.

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